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Much-hyped Body Detoxes Programs And Associated miracles

Our body is exposed to various inner and outer threats in our daily tough routine of so-called modern life. There are harmful chemicals in some food we consume, there are bacteria and metals in the water we drink and there are loads of contaminated substances in the air we breathe. These various toxins become the cause of free radicals and cancer causing agents that all can be very harmful for our health. You body requires something that can make it free of these harmful toxins and it is where a body detox come to your body rescue.

A lot of body detox programs are available out there including a 7 day body detox program that seems to break lots of ground these days. According to some reviews, these 7 day detox programs have proven track record to provide your body all the benefits that are usually associated with some detox program.

These reviews suggest that this detox program is quite effective to lower your cholesterol, enhance energy, normalize hormone levels, clear skin and eye, and provide better immune system and mental clarity.

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Lack of Potassium relates to high blood pressure, study suggests

potassiumEating too much sodium is a big risk factor for high blood pressure, but now a new study says that consuming too little potassium is an equally big risk factor, especially for blacks.

A gene, which may influence potassium’s effects on blood pressure, has also been identified in the study.

These findings back previous studies that have drawn similar results about blood pressure and potassium. The study has been on a Texas heart study done on the urine samples of 3,300 people.

This new study has been presented at the American Society of Nephrology’s annual meeting, in Philadelphia.

Dr. Susan Hedayati, who led the study, says: “lower levels of potassium in the urine, means lower potassium in the diet and higher blood pressure and the effect was even stronger than the effect of sodium on blood pressure.”

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Pneumonia Vaccine May Lower Heart Attack Risk, A Canadian Study Finds

According to a Canadian study, vaccination against pneumonia almost halves the risk of a heart attack.

In this study the researchers from the University of Sherbrooke in Quebec compared 999 people (who were admitted to different Canadian hospitals for heart attacks) with those 3996 who were admitted for other reasons. The researchers didn’t find any difference in those who had or hadn’t the penumococcal vaccine in the previous year, but a 50 percent lower rate in those who were vaccinated two years earlier.

The study has been published in the current issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

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Enormous Impacts of High Cholesterol

High cholesterol emerged as one of the dangerous diseases in the world. Millions of people are involving in the disease of high cholesterol. Therefore it is estimated that every second American has caught up with symptoms of high cholesterol.

The lifestyles of the people have changed. People are used to binge eating that includes various kinds of foodstuffs, such as heavy cheese, butter, oily and spicy foodstuffs, enormous amounts of sweets and cookies, etc.

The patterns of keeping healthy and fit body have gone away. Now people don’t perform kinds of exercises, such as brisk walking, jogging, sprinting, swimming, yoga exercise, dance trainings, and weight lifting, etc.

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High Cholesterol – Definitions, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatments and Preventions

1. Various defining features of high cholesterol (Hypercholesterolemia)

• High cholesterol is a growing plump like a substance that is usually found in the cells of the body. However, human body needs some quantity of cholesterol according to the body requirements.

• Cholesterol often observes in some of the foodstuffs you consume.

• It is the human body which produces the quantity of cholesterol that further is converted into hormones, vitamin D and some other substances to assist your body to absorb the foods.

• Blood is diluter and cholesterol is greasy. It is the image of oil and water which cannot be mixed. To pass through in the blood flows, cholesterol is passed in diminutive inclusions known as the lipo proteins. The tiny enclosures of high cholesterol are ended on fats (lipid) on the internal level and proteins resting on the external level. These two sorts of lipo proteins take cholesterol throughout the body. Therefore, it is very vital to have a robust quantity of both.

• Low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol often becomes the reason of dreadful cholesterol in the body.

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