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Stretch Marks Prevention

by Souti

In dermatology stretch mark is known as striae. It appears because of dermis. As time goes it appears thin, but never dissolves totally. Hasty stretching of your skin or excessive weight loss or gain can cause the stretch marks. Normally it accompanies obesity & pregnancy. Stretch marks make you skin’s upper layer ugly & you need to cover up your body consciously all the time. It makes your choice of cloths restricted.

There are various stretch mark prevention options available, like:
Surgical treatment: you can go for some medicated peels & dermabrasion. In modern treatment laser surgery has already opened a new era. You can also choose some over the counter skin treatment options. With a routine healthy diet along with some exercise can also prevent those shameful marks on your body. Adequate water is also very much required. Sometimes lack of proper nutrition results in stretch marks, so to maintain a healthy skin make sure that your diet includes enough vitamin A, C, D (fresh vegetables & fruits, milk, fish etc).

The most easy & effective results comes through lotions or creams. You can buy few of them over the counter & a few through medical prescriptions. Several creams are also available through online purchase.

You can discuss with your doctor which one they recommend & also ask for some early protective treatments. Mostly these creams comprises with vitamin E, lanolin, coco butter & several other olive & lavender oils. Vitamin A or AHA has been noticed one of the breakthrough formulation of stretch mark creams. These lotions or creams are useful in enhancing your skin’s flexibility & is also able to exhilarate cells. For removing the scars those creams along with coco butter are highly recommended. As stretch mark prevention agent vitamin E oil has also been found to be very useful. Sometimes good quality creams cure your scars faster than any other options. You should read some of the stretch marks cream reviews before selecting one.

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