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7 Facts You Must Know Before Going Under The Knife For A Boob Job

by Shilpa
Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation is life-changing surgery. Women should be made aware of as many facts as possible about the procedure because this will allow them to make an informed choice.

Read this helpful guide in order to discover seven key facts that people must know before they go under the knife for a boob job or a breast lift in Perth.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Is Safe

Some women may be worried about the risk of infections or damage to their body, as a result of surgery. However, be assured that breast surgery is safe when it is performed by a qualified surgeon. A quality surgeon will explain the entire process to the patient, including any potential side-effects from the procedure. Some soreness is to be expected for a few days after the surgery has been completed. However, this soreness should start to fade after a few days. Implants should not place unnecessary strain on the back, and they should not shift around under the skin.
Complications such as tearing and leaking will occur in a minority of cases. Silicone implants are more durable than silicone, whilst they can make it harder to spot tears or leaks. Go to drprandle.com.au for quality surgery.

Breast Implants Should Not Need To Be Replaced

One thing that women worry about is whether their breast implants will need to be replaced in the future. However, unless there is an issue like tearing or leaking, the implants will only need to be checked upon at regular intervals.

Saline Shows Wear And Tear More Than Silicone

Saline implants make it easier to detect problems such as ripping or leaking. Silicone implants are more durable but problems will be harder to detect.

Correctly-Installed Implants Won’t Strain The Body

Implants should not put a strain on the back or the chest if they are inserted correctly. The initial soreness from the surgery should disappear after a few days.

Breast Surgery May Not Be Available For Women With Certain Health Issues

Breast surgery is not available for women who suffer from certain health issues. Obese women may be refused surgery. Women with a history of breast cancer may also be denied the chance to have implants installed. Heavy smokers are another group which may not be able to have implants installed. People should check with the surgeon about whether these health issues could affect their chances of having implants.

Breast Implants Can Affect Cancer Screening

Breast implants can make cancer screening harder. This is the reason that women with a history of cancer or a high risk of developing the disease will be unable to have the procedure.

Breast Implants Can Affect Exercise

Breast implants can affect how a person exercises. Vigorous running is discouraged after surgery, so it is a better idea to go hiking or take long walks in order to get enough exercise.

Use this guide to learn more about breast surgery.

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