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Stars in Their Eyes: Celebs Who Have Had Laser Eye Surgery

by Shilpa

Celebrity envy is something most of us encounter at some time, but is it really possible for stars to look that good without a little help? Aside from the odd cosmetic touch up, celebs are known for undergoing procedures to improve their sight and address other minor ailments. Here, we look at just a few examples of those with stars in their eyes.

Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery

Image Source: Wikimedia

Philip Schofield

The This Morning presenter did away with his glasses during the course of one of his programmes, having a section of his laser eye surgery filmed. Phillip no longer struggling to read his lines every morning; it appears that the procedure has had a dramatic impact on his life.

Kim Kardashian

 This Kardashian sister is another celeb that has had their laser eye surgery filmed for the purpose of a television show. This time taking place for the benefit of reality TV, the effects seem to have been similar to Phillip’s in that Kim is incredibly pleased with the results. For most people, such surgery is genuinely life changing, giving them a freedom that has otherwise been denied to them.

Jessica Simpson

 Another female celeb that has taken the cameras into surgery with them, Jessica Simpson, underwent laser eye surgery in 2004 and broadcast the procedure across the world on her reality TV show, Newlyweds. A huge audience tuned in to watch the incredibly quick procedure. Jessica has now done away with the need for glasses or contacts and moved onto a new stage in her life.

Richard Branson

 As one of the most high profile recipients of laser surgery around, little is known about the Virgin boss’ surgery, though success is implied by Branson’s lack of glasses. Laser eye surgery practitioners such as Optimax offer advanced treatments at their UK clinics and utilise the most modern equipment available in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Brad Pitt

 If you were wondering just what type of person opts for laser eye surgery, you can now add the most handsome men in the world to your list. The world famous actor, Brad Pitt, known for his roles in the films Twelve Monkeys, Fight Club and Legend of the Fall, amongst others, is said to have had the operation in order to rid himself of glasses and contacts.

Nicole Kidman

 In terms of female actresses that have decided on laser eye surgery as a solution, Nicole Kidman is one of the most famous. The Australian movie star was one of the first big names to let everyone know she had made the most of the opportunities afforded by the operation and has been reaping the benefits ever since.

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