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Signs Of Aging And What You Can Do About Them

by Shilpa

We all age. But some of us seem to look a lot younger than others of the same age. There are lots of reasons for this. Genetics plays a huge part. But there are other reasons that one person may appear older than they are. The good news is that many of them are preventable in the short term. And it’s possible to erase some of the sign of aging for the long term too.

Aging happens as our cells become older and tired. They lose their elasticity in the skin and cease to function as effectively as they did in our youth. We will all get older and older, so much of this cannot be stopped. However, some of it can be put off by looking after our bodies from a young age.

A healthy diet will show in the quality of cells as we age. A good nutritious diet filled with a variety of vegetables and fruits will help prolong the quality of our cells. This will show on our skin, our hair, and our eyes. And inside it will be benefitting the internal organs too. Our heart and lungs will function more efficiently. The kidneys and liver will have less work to do to remove toxins if we simply don’t put them in our bodies to start with.

Image By: DeduloPhotos

Image By: DeduloPhotos

Some of the things we do in our youth will cause the appearance of aging to start prematurely. Smoking and drinking excess alcohol are the biggest causes of an older appearance. Both habits will cause the internal organs to work much harder than they should need to. And the toxins will be transported throughout the body and brain through the blood.

Stress and depression are also known to give people an older appearance. It’s not just the frowning and worry lines you need to be concerned with. The change in chemicals in the body when we experience prolonged stress or depression can also cause premature aging. While we can’t be happy all the time, it does appear that happier people enjoy a more youthful appearance. A smile certainly helps.

Hormone changes also cause the skin to react quite dramatically. When women are pregnant, they can appear to have a youthful glow. But once nursing has finished, they may appear greatly aged. This might be why parents blame their kids for the signs of aging! Of course, the late thirties and early forties are the time when most of us experience a few grays and the odd wrinkle anyway.

The menopause for women is a dramatic time for the whole body. The loss of the female hormones in the body can cause metabolic changes. Weight gain occurs in places that may not have carried much body fat before. And the body can start to look saggy and droopy. At this age, the body is already feeling more aged. Physical exercise is harder and the body may be starting to feel the odd aches and pains associated with half a century of wear and tear.


Keeping the body mobile and active as part of a healthy lifestyle from youth is essential. This is especially true if you want to continue enjoying a good level of fitness as you age. A good mix of exercises like walking, Yoga, swimming, jogging, and Pilates will provide most of the movements and stretches you need. They help you to be fit and energetic, whatever your age.

Of course, genetics will play a large part. If your parents didn’t age well, chances are you will be prone to the effects of aging too. Balding in men is quite common. It is thought to pass from the maternal grandfather. These days, hair restoration is a good way to tackle hair loss caused by aging. Cosmetic treatments are available for a wide range of medical and aging related problems at Belcara Health. It’s important you research your needs. Have a full consultation before making up your mind to proceed with surgical procedures.

Aging doesn’t just affect our outward appearance, though. There are many other signs that we are getting older. Joint stiffness and aches and pains can start in the early fifties. Some of it is caused by arthritis. Not all arthritis is a symptom of old age. It’s important you have any aches and pains assessed by your doctor.

Image By: Fechi Fajardo

Image By: Fechi Fajardo


Many of us have heard of the mid-life crisis. It’s still unclear what causes this mini-rebellion in men when they reach a certain age. Many of it, is may be, to do with hormone changes, as even men will face a mild change as they age. Generally speaking, it can come with a realization that youth is slipping away. The fear of the unknown with age can motivate a lot of people to live in the present, and try out those wild things they always wanted to do.

The brain also ages. Lots of us have had to face the realities of dementia in our parents and grandparents. And we all fear it happening to us. There is a lot of research aiming to cure dementia. But there are things you can do to help stave it off. Dementia can occur at any age, but is most common in the elderly. All of us are forgetful from time to time, especially when our lives are quieter and less routine after retirement. This doesn’t mean you have dementia. But it can be helpful to install a stricter routine and more activity into your life.

Crosswords, sudoku, puzzles, and playing a musical instrument are all thought to help keep the mind sharp as we age. Lots of social activities, as well as physical exercise, are very important after retirement. Most importantly, it is essential to drink plenty of water to keep the brain and body well hydrated. Forgetfulness happens, but dementia can be quite devastating.

Aging is something we all need to face. But we can be well-prepared for it. Yes, our bodies and faces will change. And it is possible to use cosmetic treatments to help us appear more youthful. But to be truly youthful, look after your insides as well as the outside.


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