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Is Your Relationship With Substances Harming Your Ability to Work?

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Many people get into the habit of enjoying alcohol to ease stress after work. There are also others who abuse prescription medicines to get more work done, especially if the pills are made to boost concentration. Keep reading to learn whether these habits are hampering your productivity.

We live in a society where success is often measured by the ability to get things done by deadlines, even if that means living a lifestyle that has too much of an emphasis on work and not enough time for pleasurable things like relaxing with friends and family.

A Destructive Way to Ease the Strain

In a desperate effort to compensate for demanding schedules that often do more harm than good, people often turn to substances like drugs and alcohol. However, dependency does become problematic, especially for people who already have a family history of substance abuse. Addiction treatment specialists can do evaluations to determine whether you have embarked down a dangerous path. Ambrosia Treatment Centers can help you manage stress in healthy ways that don’t carry the risk of dependency.


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Ability to Stop Using if Desired

If you set a goal for yourself to go for a week without consuming your drug of choice or drinking any alcohol, could you make it happen? What about just going without for a day? Having serious doubts about being able to do that is a strong sign you need the guidance of professionals. Maybe you have already tried quitting on your own but can’t follow through. That doesn’t mean you’re weak, just that it’s time for specialists to step in.

A Shift of Priorities

Noticing that you will do anything and everything to get your hands on the next dose of a substance of choice is a sign you may be a prime candidate for addiction treatment. Staff members from Ambrosia Treatment Centers can help you take a sharp look at how things have changed in your life because of your usage. Over time, while attending counseling sessions and support groups, you may become acutely aware of how although you may have once focused your efforts on doing things like networking with others, those desires have been overshadowed by the allure of substances.

Severing Once-Strong Relationships

It’s also important to look at your actions and determine whether the pull of alcohol or drugs has caused you to cut ties with people who were once among your closest colleagues. Substances may have caused you to say things you did not mean and act impulsively in other ways. Both of those reactions can cause even strong relationships to become shaky and ultimately disintegrate. That’s not to say you can’t eventually repair the relations, but if it has become clear that dependency has caused your circle of friends to shrink, strongly consider getting assistance from a team of professionals.

No One is Immune

It’s impossible to predict with certainty whether a person will be adversely affected by substances and caught in a cycle of dependency. If you’re concerned you have a problem that needs intervention, there’s no need to feel embarrassed. Help is available to pursue now.

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