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How to Make Driving Accessible to Everyone

by Ana

As technology advances, the ability to drive expands to more and more people, who might not have been able to before. And while disability cars have been around for years, only now are they becoming stylish and more desirable. If you have a disability and you wish to drive, then there are a wide variety of options available to you.

Wheelchair Accessible Car

Wheelchair Accessible Car

Driving Aids

Driving aids make driving easy for those with mobility problems. They can vary from simple modifications such as a steering handle to something more complex such as replacing the entire driving system so it is easier to use with just your hands, like with a joystick, for example. There are even aids that mean you are able to drive with your feet.

Wheelchair Accessible Cars

Wheelchair accessible cars are designed so that they are easy to get into from a wheelchair. Whether it’s a ramp, or a hoist, getting into your car is much easier with these cars. Now with drive from wheelchair cars you even have the choice of staying in your chair, using a locking system and an adapted driving system designed for you.

Specially Designed Cars vs. Adapted Cars

There is a wide variety of disability cars that you can choose from now-a-days, and they generally fall into two camps- specially designed cars, and adapted ones. Adapted ones almost always look more streamlined and stylish than the specifically designed ones, but may not work as well.

Driving Lessons

If you have never driven before, you will need to pass a test to be able to drive on the road. With specialist driving instructors, you are able to begin lessons at 16 and you may be allowed extra time on your test. You should notify the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) when you take your test of your disabilities and whether you need special requirements.

Motability Scheme

This government ran scheme allows those who receive disability living allowance or war pensioner’s mobility supplement; you are eligible for the Motability scheme. It allows you to swap some of this allowance in return for a disability car complete with insurance, maintenance and repairs- so all you have to do is drive it.

If you opt to get your disability car from Allied Mobility, then they will assess you for your car, so you will get the right one to suit your needs, and demonstrate the vehicle too, so you are comfortable with the way it works.

You can keep this car for up to five years, when it will be swapped for a new one, unless your disability changes and your car needs to change with it.

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