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Elderly and Mobility: What are the Options?

by Souti

Whether you are researching for yourself or a loved one, today’s advancements in technology mean that there are various options available for aiding mobility. If you and your loved one’s mobility is deteriorating with age, it can often be frustrating and terrifying. But finding the right help will improve quality of life as well as helping to regain that feeling of independence.

If you are looking for ways to help with your mobility, here are the different options available today. Most mobility experts are able to help you find the most suitable aids for your situation.


Mobility Aids Available Today

  1. Walking sticks – walking sticks provide great support as walking aids for the elderly, someone with a disability or anyone who is struggling to be mobile for long periods of time. Today, many walking sticks are made to be foldable making it easy to transport around and store away when you don’t need it. Walking sticks are often ideal for minor walking problems.
  2. Roller frames – frames are ideal if you need full support on both side when walking. Many frames are lightweight so they are easy to use and some frames come complete with walking stick storage so you can use both as mobility aids as and when you need to.
  3. Mobility scooters – for anyone who really struggles to get from A to B or finds it painful to walk short distances, a mobility scooter can make transportation easier and quicker. Mobility scooters are made to be lightweight and easy to transport in cars so they can be used anywhere you go.
  4. Wheelchairs – these are ideal for families with elderly or disabled family members. Unlike mobility scooters which are suited for the outdoors, wheelchairs can be used inside and out.
  5. Electric wheelchairs – electric wheelchairs offer that added mobility for wheelchair users who may be on their own for some parts of the day. Built with joystick control, electric wheelchairs can get you around the home, as well guiding you safely around outdoors, using kerb climber technology. They can also be pushed like a standard wheelchair and can fit into most disability vans or cars.

To see the full range of mobility options, please visit Mobility 4U Ltd.

In addition to mobility aids, there are also other adjustments you can make to your home to help to increase mobility in yourself or your family members. Stair lifts, reclining chairs and other living aids for the home are available to help make life easier and much more convenient.

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