Get Rid of Pests from your Workplace – Some Tips

Like home, cockroaches, bedbugs, and termites can all necessitate a full fumigation of an office building. This may be less than ideal, but it is best, in the long run, to shut down operations for a couple days than continue to deal with pesky pests. Pest control for commercial buildings is frequently performed, and here are a few ways you and your employees can prepare.

Inform Everyone As Soon as You Can

 Give your employees as a much advanced warning as possible. Give them the exact dates the fumigation will occur. If you can schedule it for a weekend, then that may be ideal. You also want to lay out what you expect of employees before tenting occurs.

Tell everyone to remove all food and plants from their desks. In the event, you need to shut down during the normal work week, then tell employees to take anything they may need during those few days because they will be unable to enter the building. Depending on your company’s line of work, your employees may be able to work from home for the time being. You also want to be upfront about why fumigation is necessary. Your employees deserve to know if there is an outbreak of roaches or other pests in the vicinity.

Clean Thoroughly

 You want to clean as though you are expecting a huge client to stop by. Throw away all expired food items, paper bags and unnecessary cardboard boxes. You also want to remove all items from inside your microwave, fridge and stove. All food should either be removed from the premises or sealed in specialty fumigation bags.

Secure Confidential Documents

 The fumigation team needs access to every area of the building for termite control procedures. If you have documents containing sensitive information in the office building, then you need to find another place to keep them for the time being. You may simply want to take them home with you, or you can acquire a room in a secured storage facility.

Promote Ventilation

 Ensure every area of your office building is treated by opening all interior doors, including those to closets, cabinets and desks. You should make a spare set of keys for the fumigators so that they can open anything you forgot to.

Losing out on revenue for a day is worth it to have a safe working environment for your employees. Contact Terminix when you require wildlife pest control. In addition to office buildings, Terminix can help an array of businesses, including restaurants, hotels and industrial sites.

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