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Florence Henderson Informs About Cataract Surgery

by Ana

Cataract surgery is the kind of surgery that most people after a certain age would require because the forming of cataracts is something that is quite a normal process.

cataract-surgeryCataracts occur when the natural lens that every human being possesses inside their eye becomes cloudy and unclear.

So of course if this lens becomes unclear to view through, it would also distort vision. This is the problem that a cataract surgery would fix, something that many people over time develop. Although cataracts are developed over a long period of time and they are most usually experienced by people of an older age, there are chances of them developing in a more rapid pace as well.

Even trauma to the eye and eye injuries or even prior surgeries performed on the eye can cause cataracts. However, what you can be rest assured about is that such a cataract surgery is not going to be risky or dangerous. In fact celebrities such as Florence Henderson have taken the initiative to inform older citizens of the country about cataracts which are one of the top reasons for vision problems. With something as simple as a cataract surgery, this problem can be dealt with to a large extent. Over twenty million

Americans are known to be suffering from such a problem and maximum of them are untreated leave alone having undergone a cataract surgery. Florence Henderson has taken up the task along with Bausch and Lomb to make more Americans aware of this common condition and to encourage them to fix it right away.

The truth is that such a cataract surgery is not harmful at all and is in fact a very safe procedure. In fact Florence Henderson herself set the example by undergoing such a surgery that has made a world of difference for her eyesight. Hopefully, more Americans would be inspired by her example and also be encouraged to consult with their doctors and treat their eye condition and cataracts immediately. Hopefully very soon people will realize the simplicity of a cataract surgery and the great benefits of it as well.

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