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6 Signs that Warns you about your Deteriorating Vision

by Ana

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but this beauty lasts only till one take care of vision. We are living in a modern world where so many things affect our eyesight and one among them is excessive use of computers/laptops/cellphones and other gadgets that involves the direct use of eyes on flashing screen. Most of people realize it very late that they are losing their vision and when they feel it becomes too late. We will discuss some early signs that will warn you about your eyesight.

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Normally losing of vision is related to old age, An ophthalmologist from San Francisco Andrew Iwach said, “That’s why a baseline exam at age 40 is important. You may not have major symptoms, yet have a major problem. Any difference in what’s normal for you merits a call and probably an exam. The older we get, the busier we get taken care of our families — and, unfortunately, the less likely we are to take care of ourselves. ”

Let’s discuss some common problems and symptoms that contribute towards deteriorating vision;

  1. Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

    Patients of diabetes and High Blood Pressure are more prone to losing vision as compare to other people. High BP and uncontrolled Diabetes badly affects the blood vessels of Retina that in turn affects the vision. Patients suffering from such ailments should consult eye-specialist after regular intervals to keep track of their eyesight.

  2. Dark Patch in the Mid of the Vision

    This symptom usually appears in old age people, normally people above 50 lose their vision due to the appearance of a dark patch in the middle of the vision. People feel its symptoms when wavy images appear before them while looking straight.

  3. Cataracts

    The appearance of a brown spot might indicate symptom of Cataracts that is more common in people with age 80 or above. Cataract often causes clouding of the lens and produces blur images. Don’t worry it is curable but surgery is required if medication does not work.

  4. Glaucoma

    If you have poor side-to-side vision that means you might be suffering from Glaucoma, as such there are no clear symptoms of this eye disease. It is somewhat difficult to diagnose disease in which strong pressure is transferred to the optical nerve. Andrew Iwach said, “People don’t usually recognize when they lose side vision because it happens slowly and the eye is designed so well that it compensates for changes until late in the disease.”

  5. Appearance of Flashy Images

    The majority of people suffer from this symptom when they are exposed to sunlight or some irritating light even in darkness. Flashy images are often followed by tears and a person get back to normal vision. It normally happens when fluid in eyes drops from a normal level.

  6. Bulging Eyelids

    Bulging Eyelids or weird shape of eyelids might be symptom of skin cancer, although such type of skin cancer is curable but one must be careful and should complete its treatment otherwise it will be fatal and harmful for your vision.

    Eyes and normal vision is one of the greatest blessing we have and we must take care of this precious asset because prevention is better than cure.

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