How to Clean Your Eyeglass Lens Replacement?

Now a day, wearing eyeglass lens is very common due to numerous reasons, usually, many of us go for a new or replacement of lens very often, it’s good but as we know eyes are very sensitive, so we should be very careful while taking care of our lens same as we do for our eyes. Whenever you go for eyeglass lens replacement, you should also know how to take care of them. A thorough and proper cleaning your new lenses will keep them nice and scratch-free.

Let’s have a look at these steps for properly cleaning your eyeglass lens. Make sure to follow to these steps when caring for your eyeglass lens replacement:

Use Soap and Water

Unfortunately, most people skip this step. They get a smudge on their glasses and their first instinct is to grab their shirt and start buffing away. Avoid doing this at all costs. Though you can’t always see it, your shirt is full of dust particles. Buffing your eyeglass lens replacement with your shirt can do a lot of damage. Instead, place your lenses under warm running water. Then, use dish soap to thoroughly clean the lenses. Finally, rinse the soap off well.

In addition to avoiding clothing, also avoid using vinegar or ammonia products to clean your lenses. While these work on other glassware, like cups and windows, they will damage your eyeglass lens replacement.
These chemicals will strip off some of the protective coatings that are typically applied to eyeglass lenses.

Dry with a Soft, Lint-Free Towel

The final step for cleaning your glasses is to dry them thoroughly with a soft, clean towel. This will help you avoid smudges and scratches.

What to Do When You’re Away from Home

When you’re at work or out and about, it’s inevitable that your glasses are going to get dirty. How should you go about cleaning your glasses when you don’t have access to water, dish soap, and a clean towel?
The best thing to do is invest in a microfiber cloth. These are specifically made for keeping eyeglass lenses smudge-free. You would do well to buy a specially formulated cleaning spray to use with this cloth, too.

Save Money by Keeping Your Lenses in Good Condition

Cleaning your eyeglass lens replacement will not only help you see the world around your more clearly but also, it will help you save money. Proper cleaning techniques will keep your glasses free of scratches, which mean you don’t have to spend money on buying new lenses each time.

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