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Study Claims Unhappy Marriage Can Higher the Risk of Heart Diseases

There is a direct connection between your heart and how you feel and a study led by a Michigan State University sociologist has found that older couples in bad marriages, especially wives have higher risk of heart diseases compared to those who are living happily.  The new study throws a light at how being unhappy can directly connect with poor heart issues and heart problems. The study was funded by the National Institute of Aging and was published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

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What is Spina Bifida? Explore Some Facts

Spina bifida in Latin means split spine. It is a congenital irregularity associated with development of the body. This is mainly caused when the embryonic neural tube is does not get closed properly. Few Vertebraes on top of the spinal cord, do not get  formed fully and hence in the process remains open. In case there is a large enough opening of that sort , there is a possibility that a portion of the spinal cord can protrude through that opening.Sometimes the spinal chord might by a outer sac filled with fluide and hence can result in damage. Some common defects that can occur  because of damages caused in the neural tubes include anencephaly. People suffering from this condition have parts of their neutal tube that will later turn into cerebrum not closing properly.Another condition called encephalocele can also occur because of this and lead to portions of  the brain not being developed or used properly.

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5 Ways to Deal with Your Hemophobia if You Work in Healthcare

Hemophobia is an extreme fear of blood. It causes you to recoil, or even faint at the sight of it. Everyone has fears, but they only become problematic when they prevent you from living a normal life. Obviously you can’t have a fear of blood when you work in the healthcare field. There are lots of jobs in healthcare that don’t involve blood, but it’s nearly impossible to go your whole career without dealing with your hemophobia. Take a look at these five ways to deal with your fear so you don’t have to find a new job.

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Is Your Relationship With Substances Harming Your Ability to Work?

Many people get into the habit of enjoying alcohol to ease stress after work. There are also others who abuse prescription medicines to get more work done, especially if the pills are made to boost concentration. Keep reading to learn whether these habits are hampering your productivity.

We live in a society where success is often measured by the ability to get things done by deadlines, even if that means living a lifestyle that has too much of an emphasis on work and not enough time for pleasurable things like relaxing with friends and family.

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5 Tips to Remedy Morning Muzzy Feeling (Foggy Mind, Groggy)

Several researchers and scientists have noticed that people between the age bracket of 15 to 45 seem to be facing early morning lightheadedness or a kind of confusion,  this can happen due to several reasons; like lack of sleep, exhaustion or a new diet-plan that you might be following. The better term to describe this sensation would be a muzzy, groggy or a foggy mind. These symptoms are relatable with most teenagers today as when they wake up, their mind has no clarity and they seem to struggle while trying to focus.

There are times when a person is not even tired and yet faces these symptoms. The reason for it could be some kind of disturbance that could be happening during their sleep. Basically when a person is in this state their mind is not yet ready to wake up and further rest is recommended. In some probable cases it could be a disease but more often than not, it’s just a mere reflection of our poor habits regarding our lifestyle.

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