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Pregnancy at Age of 40

Pregnancy after 40

Today most of the women think to start their family very later age. When woman reach at age of 35 according to doctor their ovaries produced fewer eggs.

pregnancy-at-age-of-40The question arise can pregnancy occur at age of 40? Yes it is possible that woman can get pregnant at age of 40 through a natural way.

Most of the women at age of 35 to 40 have healthy pregnancy because their health is good at this age. If you take your good care then it will reduce certain risks associated with it. If some problem arises it can be easily treated. It is difficult for the older women to get pregnant then the younger women because fertility rate is decline with the age.

Complications Arise During Older Pregnancy

The risk rate during older age pregnancy is high because of the age factor. Woman who gets pregnant at age of 40 can face these complications:

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