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Maintain “Asthma Healthy Home” Free from Asthma Triggers

Merck has joined with Habitat for Humanity, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) and HGTV personality and carpenter Carter Oosterhouse run a campaign i.e. “Build Smart, Breathe Easier”.

“Build Smart, Breathe Easier” is a campaign to create awareness among people about the asthma, which has become a widespread and chronic disease these days. Above 24 million people in America are suffering from this chronic ailment. Dr. Gokul Gopalan, regional director of Medical Affairs, Respiratory, Merck. “We are pleased to partner with these experts to build homes with asthma-healthy features and educate about the importance of a healthy indoor environment, coupled with proper asthma management, Build Smart, Breathe Easier reinforces Merck’s ongoing commitment to educate people about their asthma and provide appropriate treatment options to physicians and their patients.”

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