Brisk Walking Helps Black Women to Avoid Type2 Diabetes

Black women are considered more prone to type2 diabetes, but according to a new study, black women can decreasebrisk-walking their risk of having type2 diabetes if the spend less time in front of time and take moreexercise.

The researchers say that black women have a higher risk for developing Type2 diabetes and they can decrease this risk if they limit their time for TV and do different exercises like brisk walk etc.

The study has been published in an online issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology. The study is based on a survey related to type2 diabetes in black women.

The researchers found that different activities like brisk walking, swimming and other workouts had a link with a lower risk for type2 diabetes.

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Domestic Fitness Machines

domestic fitness machinesYou must have heard countless times how exercise is “good for you.” But did you know that it can actually make you feel good, confident and healthy. Getting the adequate amount of exercise can hoist your energy levels and even help improve your mood.

There are three main components to a well-balanced exercise routine those are, aerobic exercise, strength training, and flexibility training. Two types of fitness machines are available in market, Bowflex and Soloflex, famous for complete fitness and time tested effects. Let’s compare these two machines.


First in this Soloflex vs Bowflex comparison we will discuss the Soloflex. This is a fitness machine that was released onto the market a few years ago. Soloflex machines use an elastic element to provide resistance which means, any spring or elastomer is stretched the force required to keep it moving increases exponentially. The barbell arm is a variable geometry lever that increases in leverage exponentially to match the force required, which results in a predictable and constant load to the user.

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Moderate Exercise can Reduce High Liver Fat Levels in Diabetics, John Hopkins Researchers say.

According to John Hopkins researchers, regular aerobic exercise and weightlifting may reduce high liver fat levels in patients with type2 diabetes.

High levels of fat are quite common in patients with type2 diabetes and they often seem to contribute in heart disease risk.

77 diabetic men and women took part in the study and they were divided into two groups. One group was asked to do three 45-minute sessions of moderate aerobic exercises including brisk walking and bicycling for six months. They were also asked to do three 20-minute sessions of weightlifting per week.

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Skin firming lotion could be helpful

The most successful way to keep a firm body is, through regular exercise. If you can’t smack the gym, body skin firming lotions are a great option, and when used in combination with work out the results can be great. These lotions can prevent the signs of aging because wrinkles are not the only yardstick; people can notify your real age. It is the loss of firmness on legs, arms and facial skin.


Vitamins are a vital portion of any effective skin firming lotion, however they are just one piece of the jigsaw puzzle, in order to regenerate skin cells and increase the production of collagens for a smoother skin.

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Push-Ups, an Inexpensive Global Revolution

Ted Skup defines good health as “having a sense of well-being” in his recent book “Death, Taxes & Push-Ups”.  He claims that this book would act as a perfect guide to reach that goal.Ted Skup says that push-ups are emerging as a main choice among those who want to workout to achieve perfect harmony of mind, body, and spirit. He has termed his push-up routine “Horizontal Jogging” and wrote his book, “Death, Taxes, and Push-ups” after officially completing ten million push-ups himself.

“Push-up Revolution” has been initiated with this new book by Skup published by Abox Publishing. He says, “As a revolutionist, my nature draws me to challenge everything the fitness industry dishes out.”

Skup, an authority on push ups calls it to be the most explosive exercise on the earth. However, till now it has been perceived as a warm exercise.

Push ups are not only an exercise, but can also be adopted as complete exercise regime. It works well for all without any difference based on gender or age. Men, women and children can easily take up this exercise at any fitness level. Best part of this exercise is its simplicity and space freeness which everyone can adapt easily.

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