What Is Pneumonia? What Causes Pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a transmission of the lungs that is induced by viruses, Pneumoniabacteria, parasites or fungi. The disease is characterized by the inflammation of the alveoli that are found in the lungs or in some cases the alveoli are filled with fluids. The alveoli are the microscopic sacs in the lungs whose main duty is to absorb oxygen. In some cases serious conditions of pneumonia can lead to severe illness or even cause death.

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Consumers Cautioned Against Using Peanut Butter

Federal officials are forcing the consumers to stop eating all kinds of foods that contain traces of peanut butter until peanut-butterspecific assurances have been made that the foods are not made by the Peanut Corp. of America. A few of these foods were found to containsalmonella in it.

The food and drug officials of America asserted on Saturday that the peanut paste or the peanut butter produced from the grounded roasted peanuts by the Peanut Corp’s Georgia plant was found to have traces of the bacteria.

It has supposedly sickened more than 470 people in about 43 states across America. However, a direct link to this illness has not been successfully found. The corporation announced that it doesn’t directly supply its produce from the Georgia plant to the supermarkets; hence not all the peanut butters are infected.

The peanut butter manufactured from the plants is sold in bulk within containers from 5 to 1500 pounds.

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Clean the colon for health

The idea of colon cleansing is not new but it may be new to a lot of general public. Still its awareness is necessary for a healthy life style. Colon cleansing is necessary because of a lot of factors. We can get a lot of advantages when we adopt this health practice on a regular basis. Along with other benefits, the basic outcome that we get is dramatically better health.

One of the most important benefits is that it keeps human body free of toxins not to mention weight loss which can be considered a by product. The basic purpose of the process is removing built-up waste inside your colon. This waste induces toxins into human blood stream. As a result, the toxins cause immune system to function slowly and illness is more inevitable.

Our fast-paced life forces us to adopt some habits like eating junk food which reduce the positive effects of healthy diet. More toxins are added to the body because of unhealthy eating habits. This affects the functioning of the colon, which results in harmful toxins circulating in the body. Hence colon cleansing is crucial to remove these toxins from the body.

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Drinking Water Purification Methods

The world is getting more and more populated with every passing day and the majority of this population is getting deprived of clean and safe drinking water. People want to know about different water purification technologies so that they may be able to provide clean and safe drinking water to their families.

In fact, water purification technology is somewhat difficult to understand, but people need to understand what kind of water purification system will serve the best in their homes. Though the authorities use such water purification technologies that make it certain to supply clean water at your home, it can’t be guaranteed that the water you use in your home is pure, safe and without contaminants.

A variety of methods are used to purify water and here is the list some commonly used methods.

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Ladies Have a Greater Variety of Bugs on Their Hands

According to a new study, women have a greater variety of bugs on their hands than on men.

Ladies bugs

Professor Rob knight, who co-authored the study, says: “The thing that is quite astonishing is the variability between individuals and hands on the same individuals.

The lead author of the study, Noah Fierer says: “The number of bacteria species found on the study participants hands was a big surprise and similarly the greater diversity of bacteria was found on women hands.”

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Smokers Should Get Vaccine – Panel Says

vaccineATLANTA – A government panel has recommended vaccination especially for smokers, for the very first time. The panel decided that, smokers under 65 should get pneumococcal vaccine.

The shot is already recommended for adults aged 65 or older and provides protection against pneumonia, meningitis and other illnesses.

Studies have already proven that smokers higher degree than nonsmokers to suffer pneumococcal disease. Also, the number of cigarettes someone smokes each day is directly proportional to odds of developing illnesses.

The reason for, why smokers are highly susceptible is not exactly known. But some scientists believe, because smoking cause damage to lung which provide bacteria an atmosphere to attack lungs and trachea (windpipe).

Pneumococcal infections are top killer among vaccine-preventable diseases. It’s an advanced complication of influenza, specifically in the elderly. It is also responsible for, around 36,000 deaths per year.

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