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Fundamental Causes of the Threat of HIV AIDS

by admin

1. Introduction

The disease HIV Aids has been spreading all over the worlds in a very numerous level. Every day a large amount of people are killing due to the virus of Aids. The ratios of death toll have been continuously increasing day by day. The scientists have been entirely worried by seeing the enormous amount of killing especially in the region of Asia. There have been almost 8 million fatal of HIV positives for every year. This would be more alarming so as to the verdict of the scientists that this ratio would cross in a multiple numbers till the period of 2020.

Today almost, 5 million people have been fighting with this dangerous disease in Asia along with it’s near by regions like the Pacific zone. More or less 44,000 patients of HIV positive have been vanished from the life of earth every year in these states. The social and natural scientists in this way have conducted a lot of ethnographies, documentaries and the researches. They would estimate that 55,000 people would be killed till the period of 2020 in the zones of Asia. But what would be the total amount of HIV Aids fatal in all over the world.

2. Causes of HIV AIDs Virus

Enormous amounts of death toll have been confirmed. The scientists have shown many reasons before us of the HIVinfection.They have wind up with many general and fundamental causes of the HIV infection. Let’s discuss them one by one.

2.1 Addicted Siring

The first and the most fundamental causes of HIV virus is the lack of know how about this disease. The majority of the people in world do not know how to use the medication’s siring. It often happens that the vaccination which is injected to the body of a human would become the cause of a HIV positive. The scientists, doctors and the laboratory surgeon would diagnose the reasons. How and why have this positive virus of HIV included into a pretty healthy human.

They would search out in days and nights analysis. At the end they would simply say this virus would have been indulged by the addicted siring, which would have already been injected into someone. We could say more simply now that the injected needles, siring are become the major cause of HIV AIDs disease.

2.2 Sex Workers

In the inclusion of HIV virus, the sex workers have been becoming a major part of the disease in all over the world. The scientists have been continuously saying about the role of sex workers in the cause of Aids in a manner that they are the dirtiest people in the earth. Every day, the ratios of them have been increasing alarmingly. The state, government agencies, departments have been in fact failed to really stop the sex workers in all regions of the world. These all departments would have also been accused of corruption, sexual intercourses, networks and relations with the sex workers. So, no precautionary measures have been taken place by the authorities to really check out the sex workers.

Acoording to the surveys of the UN agencies, An addicted and expert sex worker would discharge so easily around 6 to 9 men in a night work. For that the remuneration would have got to be very high. Some innocent people first experience with such sex workers without knowing the history of them. They make sex with them and just go away to the homes. On the very next day, a sudden type of disease would come into seen. The inter power structure would have totally destroyed in the man’s body. Hence, it would cause a fatal HIV AIDs virus. The scientists would claim it “The Sexually Transmitted Diseases.”

2.3 Blood of a Dead Person

This is one of the most causing factor on the HIV positive. As, the many medium, channels and scientists have declared that the blood given from the body of a diseased person would have killed the healthy person into HIV infection. Many agencies have been sincerely working on it that the donor companies and agencies should have got to be aware of the fact of blood donation. The blood although has been pretty much donating by the people of world as a pious aid mission to the safety of human beings. But it would be creating a lot of HIV Aids positive humans. Indeed, it has become a fatal that the blood transmission would have caused a million people of the world into the sleep of a death.

The scientists are hopeless, how should we stop donating a HIV Aids positive blood to such innocent who would have never felt of being an HIV positive. The state would definitely come into the scrutiny about checking the addicted people who would donate their blood as a human mission. Indeed it is a dam sure lankness in the knowledge of these addicted and us.

2.4 Brothel Houses
As the time passes on, numbers of the brothel houses have been rising day by day at a precarious level. It has become a business. Where, the people are exploiting the king beauties of the market. Many young charming girls mistakenly would have become the part of their team. They are being sexually exploited each and every night at a very costing price in the world. The involvement of the states, agencies, welfare departments have been inching along with their cultural knows how. People would have too blamed them in the work and establishment of these brothel houses. In this way they are right because, they have not taken certain eradicated steps towards these diamond markets of sexes. Therefore it is diagnosed by the scientists that the brothel houses have become one the major cause of the HIV Aids disease. Again our inquiry would have come to the sexually transmitted diseases.

2.5 Genetical factors

In the disease of HIV positive, there are many genetical investigations have been come into seeing that the Aids virus would actually be generated in the diseased mother at the time of her death. When a new born baby comes into this beautiful world, he would have caught up with the virus of HIVAids disease.

What an unbearable reality for us that silly people would laugh at him. Is it not a son or daughter of your mother? Is it not a son or daughter of you? Is it not a brother or sister of you? So, why would we ignore such an indeed new born babies? The scientists have announced these all inquiries as the genetic cause of HIV positive. This victim would be the result of a sexual intercourse either from the side of a husband and wife or girl friend and boy friend.

2.6 Homosexuality

One of the biggest cause of the HIV Aids in the America and all other countries of the world is the homosexual relations. These are not the current day issues as they are carried on since the evolutions of the world. The scientists have diagnosed that the homosexuality is the major cause of HIV positive. Actually it happens that this virus converts into the body of a human like power destruction. Where, the addicted person after have the sexual satisfaction would have transmitted into the body of some one not diagnosed person.

2.7 Lack of Awareness

Then, there is lack information and knowledge, would also become the cause of Aids. As, billions of the people have been so much busy in their daily routine, so they don’t have the time to even think out of their own web. The awareness would get be mitigated which at the end cause HIV disease either by having a sexual intercourse without the use of a condem or siring, blood inclusion et

3. Region’s Threat

There are many countries confirmed under the perils of HIV Aids positive. These regions are mostly the European, Asia and Pacific parts of the world. The majority like America, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Russia, Australia, France, UK, Uganda, Jamaica, Barbados, Bangladesh and China have been under the immense warning of HIV Positive. The state, departments and welfare institutions have got to play their major role in this rapid speed of HIV.Many un agencies have covered up the Asia and pacific regions with a lots of case studies of HIV.They have come to a conclusion that this disease would be the most profiling in the future and would kill millions of people.

4. Concluding Remarks

After having such a long discussions on the HIV Aids disease, we could analyze this topic in a few more words that there has been undoubtedly increased trend of the HIV Aids positive in the world. Today millions of people are dying due to this dangerous dieseas. Therefore, it’s been the lack of people’s aptitude towards the web of HIV disease. The people are not recognizing themselves to perform their role in the verge of HIV disease control. They have got to be resilient to know and make sure abut the Aids disease. They should have to spend their pleasurable time with their wives rather than to have an addicted girl friend. They should be using the condom during the sexual intercourse. They should voice out about the brothel houses and diamond markets so as to abolish from the earth. They have got to under the genetic side effects of a disease. All in all a bulk of knowledge along with a smart kind of information would really reduce the all sorts of perils of HIV Aid disease.

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Joanne April 26, 2008 - 4:35 am

This is a great article for raising the awareness of HIV/AIDS. I don’t think that people now-a-days (especially sex workers, for example) understand the extent of the illness.

I also feel for those in Africa where the disease is spreading fast.

John Garter April 26, 2008 - 5:40 am

Nice article..hope people become more aware of HIV invasion and really learn how to constrain its effects and causes..

extrememanoj April 26, 2008 - 6:12 am

Its a very Useful article.In my opinion, majority of people from the undeveloped countries are not aware about this disease. The only thing we can do is to give much information about AIDS and also give guidelines to prevent aids.

richardjames April 26, 2008 - 9:12 am

The ongoing threat of Aids and HIV is indeed very worrying and depressing. It is so often the vulnerable members of a society that are most affected.

Serete April 26, 2008 - 11:43 am

HIV is a dangerous health disease problem, in the world due to HIV so many people are facing problems…
theres no cure for this, it should not control by any medicines, so we should take care for our health….

Rohit April 27, 2008 - 6:23 am

Well we know HIV is biggest problem for humans and despite of lot’s of ongoing programs, we found new AIDS patients every day. Most of people ignore such suggestion during sex. I think everyone should do safe sex and also always take care when we use blood or something else.

India and African country has more numbers of AIDS patients. If govements take an interest in this metter than we can reduce HIV patients.

Thanks for great information about it.

Sam April 28, 2008 - 10:30 am

Great article with details information about AIDS and HIV. As we know the cases of HIV?AIDS increase every year, and we shall know more about it and prevent it happen

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