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Conjunctivitis: A few indicators & causes

by Souti


Though conjunctivitis is not that much of a serious problem, it can cause intense irritation. We just can’t open our pinkeyeviral1eyes normally. It’s popularly known as pink eyes. It’s a rubor of the conjunctiva.

•    Conjunctivitis can be caused because of virus or bacterial infections.

•    People can experience redness in there eyes.

•    You can also experience some irritation, itching or burning feelings around your eyes.

•    Your eyes can get irritated under bring light.

•    While sleeping your affected eyes might discharge water, which stick your lashes together.

•    Sometimes conjunctivitis appears with throat or ear infections.

•    In a few serious cases formation of pass have also been found.

•    Sometimes it appears because of perfume allergies.

•    The actual cause can be traced to a catarrhal (hyper secretion of mucous) condition of the eye which results from general toxemia that can occur because of dietetic errors and faulty style of living.

•    While you are working for a long duration under synthetic light, it will support the disease.

•    Smoky polluted surrounding can also cause the problem.

•    It is highly contagious and can spread from one family member to others.

•    It can also spread through infected hands, cosmetic, towels etc.

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