Essential Vitamins And Minerals For Our Daily Lives

Vitamins are organic compound, needed by an organism for sustaining a healthy life. When an organic chemical compound is not synthesized in enough quantities by an organism & it is compelled to acquire from food sources then it’s called a vitamin. As of now there are 13 vitamins, which have been recognized worldwide.

On the other hand minerals are innately appearing compositions which have been discovered to be stable as well as solid in room temperature. They are represented by a chemical formula (abiogenic) and have a predefined atomic structure.

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Vitamin B12: Some Interesting Facts

Vitamin B12 is also popularly known as cobalamin, as it contains a metal ion (cobalt). Only archaea & bacteria are able to produce this water soluble vitamin.Vitamin B-12 can be categorized as one of the most complicated and largest vitamin that man has ever encountered till date.

Vitamin B12 happens to be a collection of compounds that are related chemically and have activities commonly attributed to the Vitamin class. We can find cobalt in it which is probably the rarest of the elements that can be found biochemically. Only a bacterium has got the capacity to perform the biosynthesis of the basic architecture of this vitamin. Only the human body has the capability of performing conversions between the different forms of the vitamin. This most commonly available synthetic form of this vitamin is called cyanocobalamin. It is not obtained in a normal form in nature.

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