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Pneumonia Vaccine May Lower Heart Attack Risk, A Canadian Study Finds

According to a Canadian study, vaccination against pneumonia almost halves the risk of a heart attack.

In this study the researchers from the University of Sherbrooke in Quebec compared 999 people (who were admitted to different Canadian hospitals for heart attacks) with those 3996 who were admitted for other reasons. The researchers didn’t find any difference in those who had or hadn’t the penumococcal vaccine in the previous year, but a 50 percent lower rate in those who were vaccinated two years earlier.

The study has been published in the current issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

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The First Lung Cancer Vaccine has been Approved by the Cuban Authorities.

19349.jpgCuban authorities have approved the first vaccine for use to increase the lives of patients with lung cancer and the vaccine is available in Cuban hospitals, told Cuban scientist on Tuesday.

The drug named Cima Vax EGF has shown good results to raise survival rates of four to five months and even longer in some patients on average basis, the scientists stated in a new conference at Cuba’s Center of Molecular Immunology.
Contrary to chemotherapy, Cima Vax EGF has fewer side effects because it contains modified proteins that target only the cancer cells.

The scientists told that there were other vaccines currently being tested in other parts of the world but CimaVax EGF was the first lung cancer approved vaccine anywhere in the world.

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Vaccines Controlling Mitochondrial Dysfunction lead to Autism in Children

David Kirby, an investigative journalist has recently posted an article bringing up an eye catching relationship between “Mitochondrial Dysfunction”, “Vaccines” and “Autism”. This was based on the minutes of the conference call held in the beginning of March, where all the federal vaccine safety officials were brought together to deal with all the apprehensions related to the above association between vaccines and autism.

Hannah, a nine year boy in Atlanta was reported to develop regressive autism after being administered with the vaccine. Doubts are rising regarding the vaccines now which in Hannah’s case worsened the conditions.

This has led to hope in parents of children who lost headway into autism after receiving vaccines that this report may help in creating an alert among the government health officials to seriously consider and act upon the link between vaccines and autism.

Kirby in his article defined ‘Mitochondria’ as the little powerhouses within each cell that convert food and oxygen into energy. It was one of the main topics discussed in the conference call held among the health officials.

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Experimental Vaccine Raises Hopes for Prostate Cancer Treatments

Scientists in the United States have been successful in developing a new vaccine that is expected to help in preventing the spreading of prostate cancer among the men who are at high risk. The experimental vaccine would be a basis for developing new treatments in near future, believe the scientists.

A “watchful waiting” is generally preferred by the physician across the world in case of men who indicating the increasing levels of specific antigens that are the blood markers for prostate. These men however, do not show any symptoms of prostate cancer. No specific treatment is prescribed for such type of probable patients until they show the verified symptoms of the prostate cancer.

Dr. Martin Kast, at the ‘University of Southern California’ in Los Angeles, and other co-researchers believe that the day is not far when such men, the probable prostate cancer patients, would also be vaccinated properly so that they will be safe from any future risks of the development of prostate cancer. Findings of this research study have been published in the journal “Cancer Research”.

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