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Hemophilia – A Blood Disorder

Queen Victoria was a carrier of Hemophilia and then it was passed to her children who were royal family’s members in Russia, Germany and Spain.

Nicholas II (Russian) suffered from Hemophilia; he was a descendant of Queen Victoria.


Hemophilia is a blood disorder in which blood does not clot properly.
Bleeding disorders can be due to blood vessels defect, the coagulation or the blood platelets. A patient having Hemophilia may bleed continuously for an extended time than a healthy person after a surgery or an injury.
The blood coagulation is a process that changes the blood from liquid state to the solid state and it involves many clotting factors. This mechanism produces fibrin which combines with the platelet to stop the bleeding.
When coagulation mechanism is not effective, the blood does not clot and the bleeding continues.

Patients with Hemophilia A or B have genetic defects in them that prevents the blood clotting factors.

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An Overview of Hemophilia


Hemophilia is one of the famous bleeding disorders that are often well defined as an inherited coagulation disorder.

When you cut your hand, the blood that oozes out of your hand should stop within a few seconds, which is an indication of normal metabolism, owing to the presence of clotting factors in the blood to stop bleeding. This has been identified that there are lowered amounts or absence of these clotting factors in hemophilic patients. There is a difference between bleeding faster and bleeding for a longer time.

Hemophilic patients are those who bleed for a longer time. In addition, this is a real dangerous situation, if the hemophilic patients experience internal bleeding and most the time will go unnoticed until is too late.

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