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Double Vision – Seeing Double – Causes of Diplopia

What is Diplopia?

Diplopia is also known as Double Vision. It occurs when an individual sees 2 or more images of the same object. Diplopia is different from the blurred vision where a single object appears to be unclear.

The vision in humans is single Binocular vision. This means that the images from both the Eyes are recorded and processed by the Nervous System but it makes a single image. An interruption in this process can make a double vision.

The double vision may be present in 1 Eye known as Monocular or 2 images can be made from both the Eyes together known as Binocular.

Physiological Diplopia

Diplopia can be a normal phenomenon, for example, when focusing on an object that that is close up, another object in the distance can appear double. This is known as Physiological Diplopia. It is generally not noticed because the Brain has the power to suppress these double images.

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Single Brain Cell Can Store Memory

US scientists who have been studying the brain cells in the mice have come to a conclusion that even a single cell inhuman-brain the front part of the brain can store a lot of traces of memories on its own for as long as minutes to even longer. The scientists have compared such a cell to a RAM, which is short term memory storage in all the computers.

The research is produced as a paper in the online issue of the Nature Neuroscience and is authored by Dr. Don Cooper. This is the first ever study that suggests that a single signal enables the cell in the brain to hold the information temporarily. Such information can help a lot in understanding and treating addiction, memory loss and the attention disorders due to the things such as trauma and stress. Scientists are always aware that permanent memories get stored at the time when glutamate turns on the ion channels of the brain cells in order to reorganise and reinforce the way they hook up to each other. But this takes up a lot of time, even hours in order to fire up and turn off and the reaction here is too slow to act as a temporary buffer for storing information that comes in at a much faster speed.

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