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Arthritis – Chronic Disease of Bones – Causes, Symptoms and Prevention of Arthritis


On 10th March 2011 researchers says that a new protein molecule derived from growth factor progranulin provide treatment for the inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. The development of this protein in the body produces cytokines that control the level of cartilage. Appropriate level of cartilage prevents arthritis in the body. These protein molecules are secreted by the nervous system and other immune system of the body.
Arthritis is taken from a Greek word which means “joint” and its Latin meaning is “inflammation”. It affects the muscles and the skeleton system of the human body specially the joints. It becomes the main cause of disability in the people of over 55 years of age.

Arthritis is not a single disease. It covers other medical conditions.

Types of arthritis

There are more than hundred types of arthritis. Some are given below:

1. Osteoarthritis
It is a type of arthritis in which cartilage loses its elasticity. If the cartilage is stiff it damages easily. Cartilage functions as a shock absorber. When the cartilage is damaged the tendons and the ligaments are damaged too as a result it causes pain in the muscles and bones.

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Symptoms of Ovarian Cyst

Ovarian Cyst

Ovarian cyst is an accumulation of fluid, in the ovary of women. Women of every age can become a victim of ovarian ovarian-cyst1cyst, but it mostly happens at the childbearing years. Though commonly it’s not that much threatening, but sometimes can be caused by something serious, so we need to aware of its symptoms.

•    People can experience some discomfort in the lower abdomen & an irritating ache can also occur.

•    Pain during intercourse has also been identified as a symptom of ovarian cyst.

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Reducing the Symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome

Almost every woman is a victim of premenstrual syndrome & sometimes it leads to other serious diseases. Hence early detection or treatment is highly required.

•    For the treatment of premenstrual syndrome (PSM) FDA accepted serafem has gained world wide popularity.

•    Regular consumption of 600 IU of vitamin E is an outstanding remedy for women suffering from the breast tenderness. Vitamin E has also been recommended to lower the signs of cardiovascular ailments, several types of cancer etc.

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Pyratine XR: Ultimate Solution to Rosacea

Skin diseases are increasingly becoming common these days, due to pollution, increased ratio of allergens in therosacea atmosphere and drastic climate changes. One such skin ailment of benign nature is Rosacea. Many people ail due to this disease worldwide as it is quite common. The extensive outspread of this disease can be assessed by the figures of 2008 showing that nearly 14 million American residents were affected by it. To rescue rosacea sufferers from the hideous symptoms; a new product named Pyratine XR has arrived. A recent study has been conducted with Rosacea patients applying thereon this new cosmetic medicine.

This study was stretched around 48 weeks and was conducted at the University of California, Irvine. Subjects were Rosacea patients with mild symptoms to moderate ones. They were treated with Pyratine XR, which showed great improvement in almost 80% of the subjects. After the decided 48 weeks of clinical examination, 80% of the subjects showed an overall progress in the signs and symptoms of this disease.

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A few symptoms of diabetes that you should know

Diabetes or blood sugar is quite a common problem across the globe, but before getting tense about the fact that we may have this problem we need to be sure of it & we need to know the symptoms of diabetes, through which we can decide our further steps.

•    You can experience an extreme thirst. It can occur because of extra absorption of glucose.

•    Very frequent urination is one of the major symptoms of blood sugar. Body cells fail to absorb the water you are consuming and in turns it makes the excess glucose.

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Improvement in Dementia Symptoms Via Bright Light

dementia.gifA optimal improvement in dementia symptoms has been linked with the use of bright light in daytime, for the improvement of their circadian rhythms, according to a study released on June 10, 2008 in JAMA. More over, the melatonin is also helpful in improving sleep.

Dementia is a costant decline in cognitive ability with the passage of time, and usually elderly patients suffer from this condition. These symptoms can have many contributing factors, according to the authors: “In elderly patients with dementia, cognitive decline is frequently increase by disturbances of mood, behavior, sleep, and activities of daily routine life, which enhance caregiver burden and the risk of institutionalization.”

Several biological processes in many organisms recur within 24 hours that is referred as a circadian rhythm. Although this rhythm is internal but it can be affected by various factors including the presence or absense of daylight. In humans, melatonin levels considered to be the yard stick in measuring the circadian cycle, and sometimes melatonin is used to maintain a regular rhythm. Abnormalities of imbalanced rhythms are quite familiar which include jet lag and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD.)

According to the authors, the circadian rhythm can also be

linked with the symptoms of dementia in the elderly stage: “The circadian timing system is extremely sensitive to environmental light and the melatonin hormone may not function properly in the absence of their synchronizing effects. In elderly patients with dementia, synchronization may be abolished if light exposure and melatonin production is reduced from certain level.”

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