Tips to keep heart healthy

Heart disease is the leading killer of both sexes in the U.S. and U.K. Heart-HealthyAccording to American Heart Association (AHA), about 71 million Americans are suffering from heart disease in different shapes. The most widespread form of heart disease is hypertension (also known as silent killer) or high blood pressure gives birth to coronary artery disease (CAD). These conditions are responsible for almost 8 million heart attacks and more than 5 million strokes that occur annually, alone in U.S.

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BMJ Research Paper Commented On By Blood Pressure Association

Hypertension or commonly known as high blood pressure, is a threat to health and life of the victim. It is observed blood-pressurethat people usually do not take it seriously, and do not pay attention towards the need to take proper medication. This is a grave mistake on their part, as it is highly dangerous ailment that can lead to further serious illness and diseases if not taken care of in the first instance.

BMJ publishes information regarding medicine and medicinal treatments for doctors to enhance their knowledge and practice. It has recently published a research paper regarding blood pressure, named as “Use of blood pressure lowering drugs in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.” The UK charity Blood Pressure Association has lately commented on this publication.

According to the UK charity Blood Pressure Association, high blood pressure is the main cause and reason behind many severe conditions like heart attacks and strokes. Being such a threatening condition, high blood pressure must be taken proper care of.

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