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A Gene and its Working can Cause Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Two of the wide spread problems of females throughout the world are Breast and Ovarian cancer and the scientists have been working on these cancers for very long still some causes or reasons were undefined.

breast-cancerRecently a new study was carried on the genes and their impact on cancers and for the first time in medical history the scientists have got successful in isolating the lengthy protein that is encoded by BRCA2 gene.

This thing has been notified that the dysfunction of this gene can cause both the above mentioned cancers.

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Treatment of Rectal Cancer can be Improved by Extra Drug

Cancer cells may escape from chemotherapy but not from contraceptive drug

Better results have been found by adding cancer medicine Avastin to radiation and chemotherapy among the patients with rectal cancer.

And adding the contraceptive drug mifepristone (RU-486) to chemotherapy destroys ovarian cancer cells that remained after cisplatin cure. These are the results of two reports presented Tuesday at the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting, in San Diego.
According to first study adding Avastin to chemotherapy and radiation enhanced three-year, disease-free existence by 91 percent in patients with rectal cancer

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