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Big Plastic Surgery Negligence Cases

Firms specialising in clinical negligence, such as Alexander Harris, take on major cases on a regular basis. Clinical, or medical negligence, is an area of the law which can cover a number of personal injuries or illnesses caused or exacerbated by failures in medical care. These failures can occur at the stage of diagnosis, treatment or after-care and can be the fault of individual doctors and nurses or of hospital authorities as an organisation. The sheer range of cases covered by the term medical negligence means that firms dealing with this area need to have a wide range of legal expertise to be able to offer suitable legal support and advice.

Plastic Surgery

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Clinical Negligence

Clinical negligence was previously known as “medical negligence”. It is regarded as the process through which patients Medical Negligencecan take their medical attendants to the court in respect of any negligence on the part of the attendants for the purpose of compensation. Several things need to be proved before the patient can file a case against the attendant, they are:

•    For proving the negligence the patient must show that the doctor owed a duty for the care of the patient. He also has to prove that doctor was negligent on his part to perform his responsibility. And finally there should be enough proofs that the patient was affected due to some negligence on the part of the attendant. The Claimant/patient must succeed in proving two terms to get compensation namely:

o    Liability: Here he has to prove that the doctor or nurse should have acted in a manner which no similar professional had done.

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