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Skin Cancer – A Great Problem at Present

Cancer research in UK found that there is a gene in skin cancers that grows rapidly and heals itself. Scientists say that the skin cancer is mostly caused by a fault in the gene called as TGFBR1.

The disease of skin cancer is becoming common now these days and it is increasing at the fastest rate as compare to the other cancers. 1 million people in UK are diagnosed with skin cancer each year. Skin cancer is caused due to the abnormal growth of the cells in the skin. The cells undergo a number of transformations to grow and multiply.

Skin cancer is a common name for the collection of cancers.

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Binge Tanning Behind Malignant Melanoma in the UK

Every habit that becomes an addiction is alarming, whether it is bad in itself or not. So is the case with tanning. Recently, it has been founded that binge tanning has become one of the major reasons behind a lethal kind of skin cancer “Malignant Melanoma” in the UK. This report has been provided by a leading cancer charity of England; Cancer Research UK.

Number of people diagnosed with malignant melanoma has gone to dangerously high limits. According to the figures released by Cancer Research UK the diagnosed people in the UK are 10,400. This is an all time high figure.

According to experts, this is a serious situation that must be taken care of. They think that binge tanning is the most important reason behind malignant melanoma, either people do it at their home town or when they go on vacations.

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