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What are Kidney Cysts? Causes,Symptoms and Treatment

Our Body is like an unsolved mystery. It is so complex yet well structured. It is very important to know about our anatomy and its function. In fact man is still learning about the Human Anatomy. Among all these different organ which form the human body we would like to discuss on one of the most crucial part of our anatomy the Kidney. This bean shaped vital organ has a very important duty. The main duty is to remove the waste from our blood. They do this by purifying and filtering our blood and making urine, which is finally the waste thrown out from our body. In short they are sophisticated machines of our body that help in reprocessing.

If there is any dysfunction or problem related to our kidney it is a cause of concern and we should ensure and take proper precaution to keep our kidney function properly and keep it healthy. The most common we have heard being the kidney cyst.

Kidney Cysts

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Necessity of Colon Cleansing

A large number of people have found colon cleansing quite effective for overall good feeling and sound health and that’scolon-cleanse why people want to know about each and every thing related to this procedure and they often search for things like dieting reviews and other such stuff to make the most of such procedures.

It’s true that almost all important organs of the body like liver, kidney, heart and lungs get affected because of colon and these organs do not function properly if there is some disturbance in colon.

That’s why it is quite important to maintain good colon health and an array of such products is available in the market that claim to provide all the desired results which you often expect from such products, but most of the time these claims prove mere false claims and you get nothing and sometimes even have to undergo some serious side effects.

However, it doesn’t mean that some good products for colon cleansing are not available in the market these days and these products seem to provide the results that others only claim about. Nature cleanse is one of these products that have proved quite effective for colon cleansing.

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Post Kidney Transplant Complications Can Be Spotted Through Urine Test

On Thursday it was revealed by researchers at the University of North Carolina that urine test can spot post kidneykidney-transplant transplant complications and defects. It is a vital discovery to help doctors counter such complications, they said.

This test has been developed by Dr. Harsharan Singh, University of North Carolina, in which patient’s urine samples are examined for the virus clusters. They gave the details of the test as it helps in figuring polyomavirus nephropathy that occurs in patients who undergo kidney transplant. It is a viral condition that affects 2 to 4 percent patients.

It is also found in people who do not undergo kidney transplant, but it is not harmful for them. The virus can produce tumor in people with infective immune system.

A person, who undergoes a kidney transplant or any other, is put on immune depressant drugs, so that the immune system does not reject the replaced organ. These drugs become the cause of polyomavirus generation.

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