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All about Glaucoma – Its Tests and Different Treatments

Glaucoma is a type of eye disease that causes damage to the optic nerves which in turn leads to loss of vision that is permanent when left untreated. In most of the cases this condition is caused by the rise in the intraocular pressure of the aqueous humor, which is the fluid in the eye. This deadly condition has earned the nickname of being the “silent thief of sight” as the loss in vision often occurs very gradually and over a period of time and the condition is often identified only in the advanced stages. In most of the cases of glaucoma the loss of vision is so slow that patients only realize that there is a problem when they have completely lost their vision. Glaucoma is in fact one of the second most popular causes for blindness.

There are different types of glaucoma namely, the chronic or open angle glaucoma, the acute glaucoma or the angle closure glaucoma, the congenital glaucoma and the secondary glaucoma. While the open angle glaucoma progresses at a slow rate, the close angle glaucoma often is painful and appears suddenly causing loss of vision quickly. The congenital glaucoma often runs in families and is a condition that is present at birth and the secondary glaucoma is caused due to consumption of certain drugs.

Conventional Surgery to Treat Glaucoma

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