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EnteroMedic’s Maestro Rechargeable System Approved by FDA

Obesity is a major health concern in the United States and now FDA has gone ahead and approved a new weight loss device that can be surgically implanted to treat obesity. The Maestro Rechargeable System is the first device since 2007 that has got an approval from FDA and can treat patients above 18 years of age. The device is designed to help patients that find it difficult to lose weight. As per FDA the device is fit for patients that have a body mass index of 35-45 with at least one other obesity-related condition like Type 2 diabetes.

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Some facts about lap band surgery

lap band surgeryFDA approved lap band system use in the US in June 2001.  Adjustable gastric band or the lap band surgery procedure is performed with laparoscopic instruments and it is used in serious desperate situations. It is a kind of restrictive weight loss surgery that has been designed for obesity patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more, or between 35 and 40.

For having lap band surgery, pain intolerance to implanted devices as well allergic reactions to materials in the band are both contraindications. People between ages 18 and 55 years are eligible of it, but many doctors are working outside these ages. If severe cardiopulmonary diseases or other conditions which make patients poor surgical candidates exist, this surgery is not a good idea.

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Provillus: A perfect natural solution for hair loss

No one wants to lose one’s hair. People seem doing each and everything to keep their hair for long. Whenever they have to undergo hair loss, they find themselves in an unending quest for the best hair loss product.

Almost each and every product claims to regrow your hair and calls itself ‘the best’. Some of them become the cause to even vanish your remaining hair instead of regrowing hair. But there is one product that can be really very helpful in this connection and this product is known as Provillus. Provillus is an FDA approved hair loss treatment and it has been supported by many celebrities. Let’s have a brief provillus review.

The question is why people would opt for such a low-cost treatment for hair loss when there are many expensive and more effective treatments are available like laser therapy etc. The answer is simple.

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Head Lice are Developing Immunity – Scientists Warning

Researchers have warned few years ago, head lice in the U.S. and all over the world are developing immunity against strong insecticides used in prescribed shampoos and counter products. It takes four to five years for the parasites to adapt a new product, in spite of claims to the contrary by the manufacturers, noted Shirley C. Gordon, an associate professor at Florida Atlantic University who studies relentless head lice.

Health officials have kept on recommending the products, because drugs like the permethrin, pyrethrin, lindane and the prescription malathion still effective in some people.

But the nation’s school nurses say it’s obvious to them that families facing problem due to the bugs are annoyed with the product failures. “I had a mom drag her child into my office on the first day of school,” said Jill Burgin, a registered nurse. “She had been battling it throughout the summer and wanted advice on where to go from there.”

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Bisphenol A in baby bottles is harmless

baby-bottlesWASHINGTON – FDA awarded a safety certification to a chemical, used in baby bottles, canned food and household item in spite of persistent safety concern from consumers and politicians.

The trace amounts of bisphenol A, that used in canned food are harmless to infants or adults. The agency acknowledged that still more research is needed to fully understand the chemical’s effects on humans, and said “there are always uncertainties associated with safety decisions.”

Bisphenol A used to harden plastic, seal canned food and in making of unbreakable bottles, is similar in structure to estrogen hormone. It is also used in hundreds of consumer products, ranging from sunglasses to CDs.

American Chemistry Council, which has defended the chemical’s safety, welcomed the FDA report.

“FDA is the government agency we rely upon to assess food-contact products. They’ve assessed this issue in great detail and their conclusion is very reassuring,” said Steve Hentges, an executive director with the council

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