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How to Improve Your Nail Health : The Quick Way?

Whether it is fingernails or toenails, nail is dead tissue (can we say tissue?) as there is no nerve ending in a nail. But these are made improve_nail_health_jpgup of a protein known as keratin. Interesting this dead part grows at the rate of about 2.5 to 3 millimeters in a months’ time and to grow to a full size a time of about 5-6 months is needed. Toenails although require one to one and half years of time for full growth and development. It should be understood that nail growth is linked to general health of an individual, season, heredity as well as exercise. It indeed would be surprising to note that a person’s health used to be ascertained in the earlier days with a look at his nails. A discolored, thickened, brittle nail indicate that the person is suffering from major illness.

Even today, when a diabetes patient walks into a physician’s room, More…he first gives a look at his nails to make sure all is well with his blood sugars and that is the impression a nail can give about your health or anything thereof! Truly reflecting your health. Therefore, one cannot ignore these no-silly no-nerve-ending horn-like structures and take a good care of them.

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