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Different Types of Glaucoma, Symptoms and Causes

The human eye has two main areas, known as the anterior segment which is in the front and is filled with the aqueous humor, a clear watery fluid and the posterior segment at the back that is filled with the vitreous humor. The usually intraocular pressure, which is the pressure within the eye, is often between 12mmHg and 20mmHg and usually when the intraocular pressure rises in the eye, it leads to number of complex medical conditions with glaucoma being one of them.

Infection and inflammation of the glaucoma Bleb

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Glaucoma refers to the group of complex conditions that occurs due to the damage of the optic nerve, which mostly happens due to the increase in thee pressure in the eye. However there have been cases where people with low intraocular pressure have also developed glaucoma. There are different types of glaucoma. Given below are some details on the same.

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