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Eating Meat Can Increase the Colon Cancer Risk

On May 23, 2011, a new study says that eating Red Meat can increase the risk of Colon Cancer. The processed Meat also has the same bad effect it can also develop the risk of Colon Cancer.


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This report is given from the American Institute of the Cancer Research. It was funded by the World Cancer Research Fund.

The report says with the evidence that eating less Red Meat and the avoiding processed Meat can reduce the risk of Colon Cancer.

The report says, if this advice is acted up on along with some other diet changes like consuming less Alcohol, increasing Fiber intake, exercise and maintaining body weight etc. all these things can prevent the cases of Colon Cancer up to 45%.

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Calcium may Decrease Cancer Risk in Elderly

A huge research on the older men and women supports the evidence that calcium rich diets may keep away some cancers. The study is less precise than those had been done in the past. Because of its large number of subjects, it presents strong verification of the concept that to some extent calcium keeps the cells away from becoming cancerous.

This study also strengthens the previous idea of advantages of calcium received from food are a lot more than which is taken in the form of calcium tablets. Calcium supplements only help to protect againstcolon cancer in men while in women it reduces the risk of liver cancer.

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Only Some Get Surgery For Severe Pancreatic Cancer

There are only as many as 10 out of 100 patients that are able to get rid of the pancreatic tumour. Most of them seem to have an pancric-cancer-illustrationaggravated form of the pancreatic cancer called adenocarcinoma and is usually too late to operate.

This is considered to be one of the most formidable cancers according to the American Cancer Society. The association estimates the total of 38000 people were diagnosed with it and out of all of this only 5% survived for five years.

On very few occasions, only 10 to 15% of the time, the patients have quite a lesser form of aggressive pancreatic cancer and is called the islet-cell tumour. Many a times these are curable if the diagnosed on time.

Ginsbur, a patient in the part of the research was diagnosed of colon cancer before 10 years and showed absolutely no symptoms; however the doctors spotted a very minute new tumour by accident at the time when she had a CT scan as a part of the check-up.

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How to choose the best colon cleanse product

Few years back, colon cleansing was considered somewhat complicated procedure, but these days it has become quite easier with different colon cleansing products like total cleanse or total clense, master cleanse, metal cleanse, colonix etc. Most of the colons cleansing products are available in capsule forms and gels and you can get them from different health food shops. Many people think that these products would be quite expensive, but the good thing about these products is that they are not as expensive as it’s assumed. So these different colon cleansing products provide lots of health benefits at very reasonable price.

Experts say when toxins and other waste begin to accumulate in the colon; they can be quite harmful for overall health and become the cause of diseases like colon cancer. It is quite common that undigested materials in the colons get toxic and their removal is important. So these products can prove helpful to remove these toxins and maintain good health. But the question is how to choose a reliable colon cleanse product that really has the much touted benefits.

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Virtual Colonoscopy Seen As a New Breakthrough in Fight against the Colon Cancer

“American Cancer Society” says that the “Colorectal Cancer” has been found the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. and the third most common cancer among men and women in the U.S. mainly above 50 are hit by the disease and it has caused  an estimated 73,470 deaths in 2007 and 145,290 new cases have been reported.ACS expresses shock as only one third to one-half of the 70 million people eligible for screening in the U.S. ever get tested.

To mark March as the ‘Colon Cancer Awareness Month’, Detroit-based ‘EBT Heart & Body Imaging Clinic’ has recently introduced “Virtual Colonoscopy”, an advanced test supported by

‘new five-year colon screening guidelines’. It is a procedure that uses CT scanning technology to produce a three-dimensional fly-through of the entire colon with no sedation required. Patients can resume normal activity immediately after the procedure. It is one of the four recommended tests to screen for colon cancer

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