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Cataract: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Eyes are no doubt one of the most attractive organs of anyone’s personality but if proper care is not provided to them then this beauty can get badly affected.

cataractHere I am going to discuss a very common disease of the eyes and that is famously known as Cataract. First I would like to give you the proper definition of this disease in medical terms ‘it is the clouding that develops in the crystalline lens of eye and it also affects the eye sight’.

Normally you might have seen some person with a blurry type of eye lens just like fog on the glass of window, in the normal routine we can have many names for this problem but the proper medical name is ‘Cataract’. Normally the eye lens tends to be so clear that we can clearly see the inner texture but for a person with this disease, you can see the inner side of eye so clearly.

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Cataract – Causes and Symptoms

Cataract affects the most sensitive sensory organ of the body i.e. eye. A cataract is a development of a cloud in the eye’s natural lens. The cloud lies behind the iris and the pupil. The lens of eye works much like a camera lens. It focuses light onto the retina at the back part of the eye. These lens also adjusts the focus, which enables us to see things clearly either these are too close or far away.

The lens mostly consists of water and specific proteins (crystallins). These specific proteins in the lens perform specific functions. These are responsible for maintaining the clarity of the lens. As the age passes, the structures of these lens proteins reshape or some proteins start to combine together which result in clouding of the lens .This condition is called cataract which over the time grows. Larger cloud covers most of the lens making almost impossible to see.

Researchers are trying to gain the root cause with which these specific proteins make clusters in abnormal ways which causes lens cataracts. One recent theory suggests that the fragmented parts of these proteins combine with normal proteins, thus creating abnormal functioning. At birth or during early childhood, cataracts occurrence is very rare. It only occurs due to hereditary enzyme defects in this age.

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