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Much-hyped Body Detoxes Programs And Associated miracles

Our body is exposed to various inner and outer threats in our daily tough routine of so-called modern life. There are harmful chemicals in some food we consume, there are bacteria and metals in the water we drink and there are loads of contaminated substances in the air we breathe. These various toxins become the cause of free radicals and cancer causing agents that all can be very harmful for our health. You body requires something that can make it free of these harmful toxins and it is where a body detox come to your body rescue.

A lot of body detox programs are available out there including a 7 day body detox program that seems to break lots of ground these days. According to some reviews, these 7 day detox programs have proven track record to provide your body all the benefits that are usually associated with some detox program.

These reviews suggest that this detox program is quite effective to lower your cholesterol, enhance energy, normalize hormone levels, clear skin and eye, and provide better immune system and mental clarity.

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Some Healthy Tips for Skin Cancer Prevention

Skin Cancer Prevention

skincancerThe most common skin cancers are melanoma, basal cell cancer & squamous cell cancer. Basically it’s a type of malignant growth. At the early stages most of these ailments are detectable.

Sun exposure is one of the major reasons of skin cancer. But you can’t just confine yourself within the home, specially if you are a working person.

  • Reduce the sun-exposure as much as you can (specially from the strongest rays 10 am- 4 pm). From TV and newspaper you can find out the UV index at your area.
  • Before going out don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion (30 minutes before you go out) with SPF factor of 15 or upward.
  • To protect your lip use lip balm/cap stick with SPF assurance.

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Vitamins Offer No Help to Avoid Cancer, a New Study Suggests

The results of another study have shown that the so-called fighting powers of different vitamins (like E, C and cancer-1beta-carotene) prove ineffective to avoid cancer in women when used in supplement forms.

The surprising thing about the study is that is declares ineffective even to beta carotene which is a much hyped vitamin supplement to avoid cancer.

Jennifer Lin, who led the study, says in this connection: “Just taking vitamins supplements is not enough to hamper the growth of cancer.”

But consuming a good amount of different vegetables and fruit is not a bad idea in this regard, says Lin.

During the past some years, several studies have shown that different vitamins supplements like C, D, E, provide no help to avoid cancer whether they are taken alone or in combinations. The new findings oppose other studies which have suggested that vitamin supplements help to avoid cancer because of their antioxidants effect.

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US Researchers Develop Robotic Device for Stroke Patients

robotic-device.gifAmerican researchers have developed a robotic device for hand exercise that may prove effective to help stroke patients recuperate motor skills even after six months of a stroke.

Brain scans show that device enhance activity in those brain parts that control hands’ use. The device is given to patients to squeeze with their diseased hands.

“We are still quite hopeful that if these stroke patients choose right kind of exercises, they will definitely get better,” says Aria Tzika, who led the study that presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America.

In the US, stroke has become the third biggest killer following heart disease and cancer. It is also a leading cause of intense long-term disability. According to an estimate, almost 700,000 people become the victim of stroke in the US every year.

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Smoking With Obesity Increases Death Risk 8-Fold, A New Study Says

obesity smokingAll we know neither smoking nor obesity is healthier for us, but now the results of a new study shows that chances of early death are highest among obese smokers.

Lead author of the study, Annemarie Koster, who is an epidemiologist at the U.S National Institute on Aging, says: “Everyone knows that obesity and smoking are two well-known health risk factors and now our study suggests that smoking coupled with obesity increases the death risk.”

The both carry a considerable mortality risk, but especially smoking, Koster said.

“You can lower your death risk by losing weight, but if you lose weight as well as quit smoking, it can increase your health and decrease death risk,” she added.

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