Aerobics is Good for Brain: Study Reveals

The regular exercise is considered to be quite ideal for the perfect health but a recent result has shown that along with healthy body, the regular aerobics exercises speed up the learning and also improves blood flow towards brain.

AerobicsThis research was actually taken by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and it is also reported that this University is the first one to examine such relationships on non-human primate models.

This is not a very new concept that aerobics is good for the health of your body but this is really new to know that such exercises are also associated with the good working of our brain and thus making us active and intelligence.

This research was carried on a group of animals and it was not sure that either this hypothesis will work on human or not.

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Matches and Mismatch Between Hemispheres of Brain

Human brain is a mystery; with extreme similarities and on the other hand, extreme dissimilarities between the two hemispheres. Aleft right brain human brain is divided into 2 hemispheres; the right one and the left one. When we look at both the parts, we can suddenly notice the extreme similarity between both of them. On the contrary, when we look at the functions of both of them; those are entirely and wholly different from each other. These similarities and dissimilarities are topic of this article, today.


All the similarities that we can find between the right and the left hemispheres of our brains are anatomical. There isn’t any similarity between these two parts that isn’t anatomical.

When we look at a human brain, we can identify the identical symmetry of both hemispheres. They seem identical; they seem to be two identical brains joined together to form one greater brain; they are one and the same thing apparently. Both are connected to each other by a flat bundle of nerve fibres called Corpus Callosum. If this weak wall is cut, we can more clearly notice the indistinguishable looks which are in fact, difficult to tell apart from each other.

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Alzheimer’s Drugs Increase The Death Risk in Elderly People

Anti-psychotic medicines which are commonly used to cure Alzheimer’s illness may possibly increase a patient’s chancealzheimer-patients of dying within some years according to the latest study. Such surveys augment the concerns existing about such medications.

As per Clive Ballard, the lead author of the paper, working for the Wolfson Centre for age related diseases at the King’s College of London, majority of these patients suffering fromAlzheimer do not have a major risk from these specific drugs. It would put a question in everyone’s mind which is would you want to take a drug that would help you reduce aggression but increase your risk of dying sooner.

The result of this research was published in the Friday issue of the medical journal. Alzheimer’s disease is considered to be the most popular cause for dementia and causes all sorts of symptoms including delusions, excessive aggression and hallucinations.

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Ecstasy: Harmful or harmless

Most of teens consider Ecstasy a harmless drug that does nothing wrong, but just boost club and party experience. Like many other drugs, Ecstasy effects can be harmful or even deadliest. Teens use Ecstasy in parties and dance clubs and that’s why it is also called the ‘club drug’. In the US, more and more teens are getting inclined to use Ecstasy and according to a report, one out of every twelve teenagers has tried ecstasy at least once. However, it has also been found that unlike any other drug, parents do not talk much to their children about ecstasy use and it is mainly because of unawareness as ecstasy is a new drug and most of parents do not know about it. It is important know and talk about any drug use if parents notice some behavior changes in their teens.  Here is some information about this drug.

This colorless and odorless drug is consumed orally and it relates to amphetamines. If it is used continuously, it can badly affect central nervous system. After its use, the abuser often feels a boost in confidence and energies and abusers’ ecstatic feelings lead them to hallucination.

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Vitamin May Help Protect the Brain From Alzheimer’s

brainA vitamin that is found in fish, potatoes and meat may prove helpful to protect the brain from Alzheimer as well as to boost memory in healthy people.

US researchers have found that vitamin B3 reduces levels of a protein related to Alzheimer’s damage in mice.

UK Alzheimer’s charities advise people not to start taking the vitamin before results from human studies.

The vitamin is known as nicotinamide and it is sold in pharmacies and health food shops in UK.

The said vitamin has also shown to help people with diabetic complications and has some anti-inflammatory qualities as well.

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