Exposure to Secondhand Smoke May Increase Dementia Risk

According to a new study, people, who have significant exposure to passive smoke, have 44% higher risk of becoming a victim of secondhand-smokedementia.

Though some previous studies have found some links between higher risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia, the current study is the leading review till today which shows a relation between dementia risk and secondhand smoke.

“There is a link between secondhand smoke exposure and cognitive function that is often, but not always, reckoned a sign of dementia,” says Iain Lang, the lead author of the study.

According to Lang, the amount of passive smoke exposure serves as the risk factor for impaired cognitive function and those people, who have higher exposure, are at considerably higher risk of the disease.

The study has been published in the journal BJM online issue.

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Vitamin May Help Protect the Brain From Alzheimer’s

brainA vitamin that is found in fish, potatoes and meat may prove helpful to protect the brain from Alzheimer as well as to boost memory in healthy people.

US researchers have found that vitamin B3 reduces levels of a protein related to Alzheimer’s damage in mice.

UK Alzheimer’s charities advise people not to start taking the vitamin before results from human studies.

The vitamin is known as nicotinamide and it is sold in pharmacies and health food shops in UK.

The said vitamin has also shown to help people with diabetic complications and has some anti-inflammatory qualities as well.

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