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Rhinorrhea – Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Rhinorrhea Definition

The term Rhinorrhea is derived from combination of Greek words. “rhinos” and “rrhea”, rhinos refers to Nose and rrhea refers to implying flow or discharge.

The rhinorrhea is defined as a discharge of Nasal Fluids. It is a common symptom of Hay Fever and cold. It can also be a symptom of Drug withdrawal.

It is normally caused by the inflammation of Tissues and Vessels in the Nasal passage.

It is also known as Runny Nose or Rhinitis.


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What is Allergy: Some Fundamental Information on Allergy

How many of us suffer allergy of any kind? In fact, a lot of people go through this affliction in many ways; sneezing, allergy1itching, breathing difficulty etc. Many of us do not even know enough about allergy, is causes, treatments, and prevention. It is necessary to be equipped with allergy info and it is even better to know about various allergy products.

What is an allergy?

Allergy is an embellished reaction shown by our immunity system, as a result of physical interaction with foreign elements. In non allergic people, immunity system does not hyper-react to such materials; this fact tags allergy as an abnormal reaction of the internal system of humans. It is a kind of hypersensitivity.

What are Allergens?

The foreign substances that trigger immune system to over-react are called allergens. Major examples include pollens (grass, weeds, molds, and trees), pets, dust, pollution, drugs, food etc.

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