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Extended Sleep May Deter Coronary Artery Calcification

Sleeping an hour longer daily may lead to a lower chance of the accumulation of calcium plaques in coronary artery extended-sleeptracts, predicting possibleheart disease , said a study published in the December 24 issue of Journal of American Medical Association. The researchers report that one additional hour of sleep per night lowered the estimated odds of calcification by 33%.

Christopher Ryan King, B.S. (University of Chicago) and his team started this study in 2001 with 495 individuals( black and white people between the ages 35 and 47) to test if a scientifically measured sleep duration was linked to the development of calcification over a 5 year period.

Coronary artery as a risk factor for atherosclerotic heart disease, also shares many of the other confounding risk factors for heart disease like old age, sex, race, obesity, education, tobacco use, apnea risk,blood pressure, alcoholism and others.

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