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Some Amazing Yoga Exercises

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Everybody can do yoga no matter how old they are. Size and health condition do not matter because there can make modification in yoga pose. Yoga practice helps to discover one’s self and enjoying his inner feeling. Yoga consists of a combination of physical exercises, breathing, and meditation.

Yoga can beneficial for people with certain health conditions, heart disease, hypertension, asthma, and back problems. There are different asanas of yoga asana including, Garbh Asana, Padm Asana, Utthita padmasan, Baddha Padmasana, Kukkut asana, parvatasan and Bhujangasan.

Garbh Asana

This yoga pose look like a feature of human fetus in the uterus. That is why it is known as Grabh Asana.


One puts in the hands between the calves and thighs. Drive the arms onward till the elbows can be curved and after this, hold the lobe of the left ear with left hand and of the right ear with the right hand. Continue this stance very carefully for avoiding falling.
The constant practice of this Garbh asana will help to keep balance the body on the tailbone. If one feels problem in doing this pose in Padmasan posture, he can do without it. Allow the legs exist stretched out on the ground while doing it. One should start it for 10 seconds and later time can increase.


• It cures the problem of constipation, colic pain, chronic fever, flatulence, enteritis etc.

• The joints of the legs and arms, abdominal organs and breast get enough practice by this asana.

• It improves digesting system, gas problem, and keeps the abdominal organs orderly.
Padma asana.

• It is the best for meditation.


Sit straight on the floor. Stretch the both legs forward and place the left foot on the right thigh and right foot on the left thigh. Put the right hand on the right knee and left hand on the left knee. And then allow the tips of the thumbs to touch the tips of the index fingers. Spinal column and head should be straight. Now close and open the eyes for few minutes.


• This Yoga asana is beneficial for meditation.

• This asana can stimulate the endocrine glands.

• This is beneficial to cure hysteria, asthma and insomnia

Bhujang asana

It is a posture like Cobra. This yoga asana focus on the womb area and lower abdomen.


Lie down on the abdomen. Spread the legs with toes pointed. Bring the hands down below the shoulders on the ground; keep the elbows close to the sides. Press the pelvic bone down on the ground and bring up the compress in the buttocks. And then place the forehead on the ground. Lift up the head slowly after that allows the upper part of the body stretching up. There will use arm and hand strength for up lifting. Do not scrunch up to ears. The crown of head is till lift up. Take deep breaths after completing, release the palms and permit to come back in relax position.


• This provides enough exercise for the arms muscles.

• this asana, reduce the womb fats and lower abdomen problems.

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