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Improvement of memory through weight loss

Excess weight is an important problem now days because people eat food with extra calories, our children prefer watching T.V, playing video games and spending time on computer rather than playing outdoor games etc.Excess weight can also cause decline in the cognitive abilities of an individual.

A research of Kent State University published in the Journal of Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases says that weight loss is not only beneficial for health but it also sharpens the memory of an individual.

John Gunstad, an Assistant Professor of Psychology who is also a lead author of the study says that weight loss can improve the attentiveness and the cognitive abilities. Obesity can also cause diseases like Alzheimer, Stroke, Memory Problems and Concentration Problems etc.

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Obesity Surgery May Prove Effective to Reverse Diabetes in Obese Teens

A new study suggests that just like in adults, obesity surgery may prove effective to reverse diabetes in youngsters.weight-loss-surgery

The researchers told that after one year of weight-loss surgery, ten out of 11 very obese teens found that their diabetes had reversed during that time. However, one patient was found with diabetes, but that patient not required diabetes pills and he was taking quite less insulin.

Many other studies have already shown that obesity surgery is beneficial for adults’ diabetes, says, Thomas Inge, the lead author of the study.

Inge says that further study is needed to find out the other impacts of weight loss surgery on obese teens diabetes, but this study has paved a way to consider weight loss surgery another treatment option for extremely obese teens with diabetes.

The study is expected to be published in the journal Pediatrics, January issue.

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