Group Therapy: Helpful Way To Manage Your Mental Health

There are various ways of managing your mental health, but the group therapy gives you some extra advantages. It issomething in which you can meet with other people & share their story. This will give you strength to fight back.


  • In addition to the financial benefits of group therapy, there are many other advantages of going from one-on-one sessions to a group setting, according to Dr Rosenfeld.
  • People who are suffering from various tough times like- relationship disorders, anxiety, addictions, loneliness, problems in conflict situations etc group therapy has been found to be very useful for them. It has the potential to stabilize or modify interpersonal relationship.

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Magnetic therapy: A useful alternative method of treatment

In the present day several therapies are quite popular as healing processes; magnetic therapy is one of them. It can be called as an alternative practice. This therapy is beneficial for various field of treatment.

•    Magnetic therapy plays the role of an outstanding player resisting various problems related to the back-bone.

•    It is also useful for people suffering from muscular pain.
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Hot Flashes, Night Sweats – Positive Signs for Breast Cancer Patient

Breast cancer patients, going through endocrine treatment may show hot flashes, night sweats and joint symptoms which indicate toward gradual success of the treatment and reduction in estrogen level, that is a key risk factor of breast cancer, British researchers report.

Breast Cancer

They make comparison of women who reported these symptoms and those who didn’t, at their first visit during a trial evaluating tamoxifen or anastrozole for adjuvant therapy of postmenopausal breast cancer.

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Shock Wave Therapy has Failed to Treat “Tennis Elbow”

therapyNEW YORK – Shock wave therapy is useless for the treatment of tennis elbow, researchers informed. “There is currently no place for shock wave therapy in the management of tennis elbow,” Dr. Rachelle Buchbinder from Monash University, Australia.

Tennis elbow, common injury caused due to the overuse of tendons around the outer side of the elbow. As the name explains, it often arises in racquet-sport devotees, but can also occur with repetitive arm motions such as, constant use of screwdriver, hammering or painting.

Though tennis elbow usually improves on its own but may persist in some people. So-called extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) has been tested to treat tennis elbow, in which shock waves are focused on the problem area. ESWT is believed to work by causing microscopic injuries to the affected tissue that stimulate the healing process.

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Massage therapy: A nice tool to deal with busy and demanding lives

Massage therapyThese days, it’s not simple and easy to live in some big city, as life has become quite demanding, fast-paced and stressful in these big cites. People have no time for themselves and usually when they want some relaxation; low levels of energy lead them to the only option to collapse into bed for a few hours of sleep before starting their daily cycle again. Massage therapy proves quite helpful to bring a little balance back into the lives of people who have limited free time. The same is happening with the Londoners and that’s why they are carrying online searches with keywords like ‘London massage’, Tantric massage, Massage London etc.

There are many physical and psychological benefits related to different massage therapies. These massage therapies provide improved posture and flexibility and help to relax tired and stuff muscles as well. These therapies also prove very handy to decrease stress and anxiety levels and people can deal with their busy and demanding lives in a better way.

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In a nutshell about HIV & AIDS, TB and Cancer

AIDS is our number one enemy. This enemy can be defeated. While the research for a cure continues, four principles — love, support, acceptance and care for those affected — can make us winners.” – Nelson Mandela

AidsTreatment for patients who are HIV & AIDS positive is a combination of 3 antiretroviral drugs which are referred to as ART or antiretroviral therapy. This combination is used to repress the HIV virus and stop the progress of the disease. With this latest therapy of treating HIV & AIDS patients, there has been a drop in the death rates and reduced suffering also. Of course this drug has to be taken very regularly and any break in treatment will create a massive set back. Children and pregnant women are also given ART treatment.

Though the drug is expensive there are many NGOs in third world countries, who take the responsibility of treating patients free of cost with funds raised from various sources. The WHO has been taking an active part in the research and treatment of this dreaded disease.

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