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Arthritis – Chronic Disease of Bones – Causes, Symptoms and Prevention of Arthritis


On 10th March 2011 researchers says that a new protein molecule derived from growth factor progranulin provide treatment for the inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. The development of this protein in the body produces cytokines that control the level of cartilage. Appropriate level of cartilage prevents arthritis in the body. These protein molecules are secreted by the nervous system and other immune system of the body.
Arthritis is taken from a Greek word which means “joint” and its Latin meaning is “inflammation”. It affects the muscles and the skeleton system of the human body specially the joints. It becomes the main cause of disability in the people of over 55 years of age.

Arthritis is not a single disease. It covers other medical conditions.

Types of arthritis

There are more than hundred types of arthritis. Some are given below:

1. Osteoarthritis
It is a type of arthritis in which cartilage loses its elasticity. If the cartilage is stiff it damages easily. Cartilage functions as a shock absorber. When the cartilage is damaged the tendons and the ligaments are damaged too as a result it causes pain in the muscles and bones.

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Organic Derivatives Restore Periodontal Health

A new group of biologically active omega 3 fatty acids have the potential to cure the periodontal inflammations and restore the healthy gums, Boston University researchers said.

The new group known as “Resolvins” has two types which are made up EPA and DHA omega fatty acid. Both of these compounds control the triglyceride level in the blood and prevent the process of atherosclerosis in the body. DHA and EPA are already widely used to reduce the inflammation of Croh’s disease of rheumatoid arthritis. The use of these substances has already been established before the representation of the new findings of the International & American Association for Dental Research.

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