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How to prevent heartburns using natural remedies

Heartburn is the result of acidity. It has no relation with heart attack, the pain happens in central chest portion. It happens mostly because of digestive disorders. If it occurs very often then you need to change your lifestyle, specially your food habit. It comes with an acute pain along with a burning sensation. Is has various way outs, but the first & foremost thing you need to change is your food habit & follow some healthy life style.

•    Before you seek a remedy you need to understand the heartburn properly, so that you can decide the next step well. Through internet you can get the proper idea of heartburn.

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Ways to resist migraine

People suffering from migraine face extreme condition during summer, because of scorching heat. Sometimes it turns so painful that it encourages nausea. It makes our daily life difficult. We just fail to concentrate on our work. It also makes us feel irritated, but there are a few ways to avoid these intense conditions.

•    Firstly you need to figure out the reasons for migraine things which increase the condition.

•    You need to consult with professionals as early as possible. Migraine is interlinked with headache, nausea, so it interrupts the daily life & is even injurious for foetus.

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How to prevent nose bleeds at home

Nose bleeding is quite a common problem & we can experience such problems for several reasons. Such problem always comes with irritation & nose bleeding is not an exception, but it is definitely not an unsolvable problem. Several home remedies are available for its treatment.

•    Use moist cotton to cap the bleeding side. Always remember to store a nasal spray for such purposes.

•    Blow your nose forcefully before you start processes to stop the nose bleed. It will remove the clot.

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Prevent Osteoporosis

Mostly women are prone to this painful disease; they usually start suffering from their menopause level. It’s a vast change of hormones, which make their joints & bones weak.
•    Study reveals that carbonated beverages, like sparkling water, soft drink, champagne etc dissolve out soluble constituents of calcium by percolation from your body. This causes bone damages.
•    Try to reduce protein intake from your diet. Excessive protein consumption can cause acidity & your body loses calcium through urination.

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Middle-age can prevent heart attack by taking aspirin daily.

heart attackAccording to experts, men and women of certain age can prevent heart attack by taking aspirin daily.

Researchers from Nottingham and Sheffield universities analyzed data on more than 12,000 patients and they found aspirin proved beneficial for men aged 48 and above and women aged 57 and above.

Usually, blood vessel blockage because of some clot causes heart attacks and aspirin helps to avoid the formation of these blood clots.

The British Heart Foundation says that further research is required before the recommendation of “blanket prescribing”

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