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Broccoli Rabe, White Bean and Fontina Pasta

This recipe is an excellent source of calcium, which has the potential to prevent your body from having a high blood broccholipressure, heart ailments, colon cancer, premenstrual syndrome etc.  Calcium is responsible for the bone & teeth strength. Calcium is necessary for nerve transmission, cell membrane function etc.


1.    Whole wheat shells- 8 ounce
2.    Broccoli rabe- 1 (large size, chopped in small pieces)
3.    Vegetable broth- 1-2 cup
4.    All purpose flour- 1 tbsp

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Creamy Asparagus Pasta

Whole grains are a rich source of vitamin E, B, fiber, magnesium, iron etc. It also contains powerful antioxidant creamy1phytochemicals. It has the potential to protect the insulin fluctuation. This excellent source of protein can make you feel more enthusiastic.

Asparagus is a rich supplier of folic acid, vitamin K, folate etc. It is able to reduce the chances of birth disorders. It has the potential to give some relief from menstrual cramps & is also beneficial for several problems related to fertility. Asparagus is also useful for resisting the creation of scurvy & an outstanding reliever of toothaches.

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