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How to prevent heartburns using natural remedies

Heartburn is the result of acidity. It has no relation with heart attack, the pain happens in central chest portion. It happens mostly because of digestive disorders. If it occurs very often then you need to change your lifestyle, specially your food habit. It comes with an acute pain along with a burning sensation. Is has various way outs, but the first & foremost thing you need to change is your food habit & follow some healthy life style.

•    Before you seek a remedy you need to understand the heartburn properly, so that you can decide the next step well. Through internet you can get the proper idea of heartburn.

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Some natural remedies for providing relief from cough

Cold & cough is a very common problem worldwide. Mostly it occurs at the time when seasons change. Sometimes intense cough can lead to vomiting. Mostly we prefer to have antibiotics for the treatment purpose, but before doing that we can try easy home remedies.

•    Prepare a mixture of ginger extract along with pinch of black pepper & a tbsp of honey. Try to take this 3-4 times a day. It will give you some relief.

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Natural Remedies for Dacryocystitis

A particular type of eye infection is known as dacryocystitis. It is a painful ailment with redness or itching or swelling or inflation etc, but there are a few quick solutions for this irritating ailment. Though in few cases you need to consult with a specialist, but several home remedies are also available.

•    Arrange a piece of fresh cloth & gently plunge it in lukewarm water, squeeze the cloth & compress slowly on the inflation on the eyes. It will give you some relief from the itchiness.

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Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a common occurrence; people can suffer from this problem through different ways. But whatever the way is this is a definitely uncomfortable situation for you & your body.  Most of the people like to go for prescribed medication, but there are various natural remedies which have also been recommended for acid reflux. These remedies might be useful for one person, but may do nothing curable for another person. It’s a kind of trial & error process.

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