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Inexpensive HIV Monitoring Technique by Victorian Researchers

A new technique for monitoring the disease on HIV sufferers has been developed by Australian scientists. This test is hiv_life_cyclecheap price wise, thus will be a soothing thing for the HIV sufferers from any country. This test has been developed by the researchers at Melbourne based Macfarlane Burnet Institute, and will enable the experts to monitor the key CD4 T cells in people with HIV virus.

These cells are perfect and true indicators of development in the disease, and are a major target of HIV virus. By targeting these cells, HIV reduces their level. Not only this, but it weakens the immunity system of the victim that gives rise to AIDS.

40 million people around the globe have been diagnosed with HIV. Three million new cases are diagnosed every year. Currently, the monitoring technique is quite expensive and pricey. This technique uses flow cytometry, and is available in limited laboratories. In these circumstances, this new inexpensive test is a ray of hope for HIV inflicted people.

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HIV Home testing

For many people deciding about HIV test is a difficult decision to make, but now with the availability of Home HIV Test Kit things have become quite smooth and easy for these people, as these kits insure the privacy and confidentiality of your test results.

But still many people think, “Why they should get HIV testing?”

These people must keep in mind that there can be various reasons to get tested for HIV especially for those who are sexually active or about to start a new relationship. This test can be beneficial not only for you, but also for your partner, as it can save you, your partner and many other from this deadly disease. People who have oral, vaginal or anal intercourse without using a condom or know that their partners are not monogamous, they are at high risk   of HIV transmission and they defiantly need to get tested for HIV. Similarly, people, who are sexually assaulted or experience condom breakage during sex (with new partner) also need to get HIV testing.

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