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20 Tips to look Young and Healthy

Ageing is a serious problem for women who are 30 or 35 plus.. in case  you are worried about your growing age, and want to avoid ageing problems like wrinkles and fine lines, check out these tips and stay young and healthy forever..

1. Sleep

Sleep is very important for good health and for healthy skin. If you want to attain and retain fresh and soft skin, take 6-8 hours sleep daily. Enough sleep helps to regulate your body’s metabolism and a natural way to remain young.

2. Exercise

Regular exercise is must to have a good health. If you do exercise daily, your body will remain active and function properly.

3. Olives as anti aging source

Green Olives has natural potential to fight against ageing factors, eat olives daily  to look younger.

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Water: An Important Constituent of Skin Cells


Sufficient water is always necessary to regenerate your skin. We use water in our various regular activities, so our water-for-skin1body needs to be hydrated all the time. Otherwise it can lead to several other severe conditions. But make sure that the water you are using is clean enough.

•    For people suffering from dry skin water based moisturiser is the best option for them. You can also reduce the problem by improving your water consumption.

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