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Diabetic Cake: Low-Calorie Cheese Cake

low-calori1Diabetes is a common problem among people in the present world. People of any age can suffer from this disease. It can lead to other chronic diseases so early treatment & healthy living with proper nutrition is very important.
Through this cake recipe you will get the taste of cheese cake but not the extra fat. Without any profanation it will offer you the taste of cheese cake. This is an appropriate dessert for people suffering from diabetics.

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Aerobics And Resistance Training Help Elderly to Maintain Good Health

exerciseThe results of a Canadian study shows that an exercise program which includes resistance training as well as aerobics can prove quite helpful to reduce the risk of insulin resistance in sedentary seniors and improve their motor function.

Robert Ross, the lead author of the study, says: “For people of moderate age (those under 65), the standard recommendation for a long time is 150 minutes aerobic type activity during a week. However, for older adults, there isn’t any standard and we have little evidence to base our guidelines on it.”

“ At first time, we have found that those elderly people( men and women), who want to decrease their risk for cardiovascular disease anddiabetic as well as want to manage their blood sugar levels, must do resistance training as well as aerobics.”

According to Ross, this advantageous training formula should be comprised of 90 minutes simple aerobics like walking and other resistanceexercise of some type.

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Vitamin May Help Protect the Brain From Alzheimer’s

brainA vitamin that is found in fish, potatoes and meat may prove helpful to protect the brain from Alzheimer as well as to boost memory in healthy people.

US researchers have found that vitamin B3 reduces levels of a protein related to Alzheimer’s damage in mice.

UK Alzheimer’s charities advise people not to start taking the vitamin before results from human studies.

The vitamin is known as nicotinamide and it is sold in pharmacies and health food shops in UK.

The said vitamin has also shown to help people with diabetic complications and has some anti-inflammatory qualities as well.

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